Saturday, May 31, 2014


A cautionary tale: 
When the truth itself becomes "liberal", then the vector is straight into the ground.

Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Become Third World as Quickly as Possible

Hint: No one can afford the true prices at Walmart
Second hint: Too late:

$11.4 million per year is a lot of money just to ship the jobs to China and ship the goods back from China.

But that's "nothing", because Central Banks printed Bill Gates up by $15.8 billion last year which is a ludicrous 1 million and 47 thousand years at minimum wage. Is this a great fucking Ponzi Scheme? Or what?

Don't Worry. Be Happy. BTFATH

The hard part isn't being lied to, it's being lied to by total fucking idiots.

Below, the inconvenient truth. Presented without comment...
[Last Update: Friday, May 30th]

Thursday, May 29, 2014

FULL DENIAL: An Extinction Level Event

No country can get away with electing Circus Clowns to Congress
House Republicans just voted to prevent the Pentagon from using climate science data and information in any form of war gaming or adverse scenario planning. Because of course, climate change doesn't exist, so why prepare for it? These are the same abject buffoons who initiated the Afghanistan War and the Iraq war, which bankrupted their own country while the Taliban and Al Qaeda followed the Viet Cong field manual step-by-step.

A society that is no longer intelligent enough to identify and protect its own (and its children's), long-term interests is headed for extinction. The bludgeoning will begin in the financial markets, kicking off with a mass bankruptcy, as the denialists-at-large finally learn their lesson about trusting the Bernie Madoffs on Wall Street yet again, with their life savings...These infants need to learn that reality doesn't give a flying fuck about "belief"...

The Idiocracy was Made, Not Born

Corporations want workers and "consumers" who are infinitely servile and obedient dehumanized drones, so that's what they manufactured.

Sadly, the average person is so used to being bent over the log that they don't seem to mind it anymore. As long as they have their ESPN and Kardashians and Big Macs, then the estate sale can continue in the background while the money gets siphoned off into offshore bank accounts...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bull Market in Buffoons

Buffoon: Someone with loud, dumb, self-serving answers to every question - bite-sized easy answers, for a stoned Idiocracy desperate to be lied to.

As we know, the buffoons are running this entire shit show from end to end...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Globalization's Grand Lie in the Age of the Buffoon

The Subservient Corporatized Borg Questions Nothing
We live in history's largest global lie without any relevant comparison. The continual flow of ever-larger supporting lies required to conceal the grand lie, grows with every passing day. Therefore, to gauge the time to collapse, we need to be mindful of three primary metrics: (1) the ever-growing number of liars (2) the ever-growing number of lies (3) the ever-growing number of willing fools. The real question at this late juncture isn't who chooses to believe or not, it's who is even capable of questioning the status quo? Dutiful corporatized drones were not programmed to question the system in any way shape, or form, so we need not waste our time expecting any sort of "mass awakening" ahead of time...

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Illusion of "Democracy"

Representative Democracy is Neither
At risk of stating the obvious, representative democracy in no way represents the interests of the silent majority. The majority can't show up in legislature to vote on every single issue. Nor can they bribe politicians to represent majority interests. Given the inherent limit in resources, either a subset of "special interests" can be represented at any given time, or the silent majority can be represented, not both... 

HFT Illusions and Brown Swan Events...

...good enough for this fake society, that's for sure.

I now reveal the full illusional power of Russian programming combined with shoving one's head up their own ass (don't try this at home...)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Euro-Area Dissolution in Real-time

It's amazing the amount of lies the developed world will accept to maintain the illusion
On the occasion of the latest European election, indicating another incremental step towards reality, I thought it would behoove us to obtain some perspective...

Wall Street's Public Response to the 2008 Bailout:

"Fuck you very much"
Yet again, Wall Street and corporate insiders have had a very enjoyable pump and dump at the public's expense while stooges in government looked the other way. And of course the stoned Idiocracy is too corrupt to realize that they are being bent over the log again by the exact same people they bailed out. 

This is the junk that's weighing down the Russell 2000 small cap index and the Nasdaq composite. Good luck for anyone who thinks that they're going to make a "comeback"...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Is Real Anymore?

The suffering at the bottom (and now middle) of this globalized catastrophe is REAL, and has been throughout this shameful era, even as self-absorbed jackasses droned on incessantly about every other topic of lower importance. And while slumdog billunaires informed us that this is the best time in human history. 

It's only the zombie Borg at the top of this disaster - and everything they say, do, read, and write - that comprises the mind-numbing Illusion. As long as someone else's children were doing the suffering, it was all Kardashians, ESPN, and airliner searches 24x7.
Something to keep in mind, when all of the infantile dumbfucks say at the same time: "No one saw that coming" - the inevitable consequence of having fully bought into their self-absorbed Faustian Assumption - "It can't happen to me". 

The Days of Rage: Have Arrived...

The Manic is Yielding to the Depressive

This all came in before I could catch up on the latest Ukraine conflagaration, Thai coup, China market attack killing 31, the attacks on Somali parliament leaving 10 dead, the Boko Haram massacre killing 28, and the nascent conflict between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea...

Friday, May 23, 2014

The High Cost of 2008: $Everything (no refunds)

The Greek bailout was an all-important part of post-2008 Extend-and-Pretend. The future of Greece's youth went under the bus, so we could all pretend that Ponzi capitalism is still working. A harbinger of things to come...

Deep Thinking is Dead

The Idiocracy is Living on Borrowed Time (and Money)
Until the average person weans him/herself off of sugar coated bullshit spewed by glassy eyed buffoons, the vector will be down. For some reason, the average person has an abject aversion to thinking about anything.

"Aw fuck, Jedi Mind Tricked Again..."
Too much TV. Too many iGadgets. Too much junk food. Has made their brains soft and weak. They can't focus anymore. It's attention deficit disorder on a massive scale. They memorize books and regurgitate facts onto exams to get rubber-stamped paper diplomas and then never learn another fucking thing for the rest of their lives. Along the way they gain a strong preference for having perma-smiling buffoons blowing smoke up their asses constantly as some sort of proxy for knowing anything. Artificial intelligence.

Suffice to say, that until the average person starts to think again, and in addition think for themselves, the vector will be down. Nature selects against delusional morons who depend upon other delusion morons to do their thinking for them. 

A human being's only survival asset is their brain. Once thinking gets outsourced, survival becomes highly unlikely.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

When the Dow Breaks. The Illusion Will Fall

The Dow is Globalization's Berlin Wall i.e. a Total Fucking Illusion.

Like everything else in the Idiocracy, this illusion has been propagated by every gimmick available: money printing, low volume HFT levitation, inflated profit margins, suppressed volatility, flight-to-safety rotation, unprecedented margin debt, and stock buybacks...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2007 Deja Vu: Fat and Happy All Over Again

The Financial Greed Index is back at a multi-decade extreme, as Wall Street's best and brightest hail money printing as their new El Dorado, 25x better than subprime.

I have no sympathy for the Kardashian-stoned dumbfucks this time around. It's only 6 years later and they are making the EXACT same mistake all over again. For any extraterrestrial aliens looking for signs of intelligence, keep searching - there is no such thing on this planet... 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Phony World: Debt IS the Economy

The Globalized Idiocracy is borrowing its way out of a debt crisis.

Wealthy nations, pretending that 2008 never happened, still augment their consumption-oriented lifestyles with money borrowed from Third World wage slaves. Now featuring a sovereign debt burden 50% higher by ratio than it was in 2007.

Which is why this will all end with a BIG FUCKING BANG.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Your Corruption Smells of Destruction"

What happens when a society is more concerned with how things look than how they are in reality? Soon it will do whatever it takes just to maintain the illusion. Pretending becomes a full time job, until eventually people forget that they are even pretending... 

Bubble 3.0: The Bubble to End Globalization, Is Imploding

Bubble 2.0 (2008) monkey-hammered global trade, which stalled six years ago for the first time since WWII. This collapse will kill it for good.

"Stealth" Collapse in Broad Daylight

Early cycle casualties: 
Gold/silver, Apple mania, Asian stocks (Shanghai, HK, Korea), Commodities - all peaked years ago.

Recent casualties, now trading well below their highs: 
Global Macro, Municipal Bonds, Bitcoin, Solar, Biotech, Momentum, Emerging Markets, Chinese Internet, recent IPOs

In the past five years, only the U.S., Germany, Caracas Venezuela, Bombay Sensex ("hope and change at last !") firmly took out their highs from 2007, as the Global Dow constantly reminds us.  

They Don't Wake You Up From a Stoned Coma at the Top
Now the U.S. Dow is partying alone at a 5 month straight all time high, sucking in as many self-absorbed ETraders as possible, before it shits them out on the way down...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Skynet Will Detonate Financial Deathstar 2.0

A subtle reminder as to how Ponzi Schemes end i.e. suddenly and violently, leaving nothing behind to show that they ever existed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Globalized Ponzi Scheme is Going Supernova

The Wizards of Dumbfuckistan are at Maximum Smoke and Mirrors
The Globalized Corporate Ponzi Empire with its rampant apologists, pretenders, and billionaires is coming unglued in every direction - economic, environmental, political, geopolitical and health-related. The desperation is sad and pathetic. Too much pretending has left the shrink-wrapped human call options ALL IN with nothing left to give their corporate slave masters. The rat race to nowhere has arrived at its final destination, nowhere - leaving nothing to show for it but discarded corporate drones, burned out and mentally unstable.

The lies and delusion that this society desperately buys from its glassy-eyed circus clowns in leadership, now defy any and all description. This society places more trust in Wall Street and political game show hosts, with its future, than it does in climate scientists. No blog at this juncture can even hope to depict the daily insanity that now passes as "business as usual"...

Saturday, May 10, 2014


They still didn't get the memo. They're still out there - the Austrians, the Keynesians, the Marxists, the Socialists, the Capitalists, the Communists, the South Parkians, the Kardashians, the NeoCons, the Donkeys and the Elephants. All of the self-serving pseudo-Ideologies with all of the perfect answers to the wrong questions - answers that I wouldn't wipe my ass with if they were written in 4-ply.
None of them got the fucking memo. So let's spell it out in a way that any self-absorbed half man could understand:


The best part of this reset is going to be the bludgeoning of testosterone depleted boy-men who make up this pseudo-intellectual garbage. They've clearly been in power too long and think that this is all just another form of Dungeons and Dragons. Granted, I have a conflict of interest. I'm looking forward to seeing these self-absorbed dumbfucks bludgeoned into oblivion. Come what may, I've had enough of this bullshit already. It's time to lay all of the cards on the table and see all of the little kiddies who were only bluffing all along. Pretending was all they had in them.

The Taliban are waiting, to see who will face them in the next round of the play-offs. And it won't be the Lost Boys

There But for the Grace of God Go I

A Society Can Be Greedy, Or it Can Be Stupid, But It Can't Be Both
Even at this late juncture there is literally no widespread acknowledgement as to the imbalanced Ponzi nature of Globalization. The obligatory trade deficits, the correlated debt accumulation, the net lack of Developed-world job creation, the zero sum game between declining wages and rising profits, the insane Third World pollution, the factory slaves with trampolines to prevent suicide, profit margins that are 1/30th in the Third World versus Developed world, wages that are 1/10th as high etc. Outside of the alt-internet, Globalization is still no more than a tangential side story, if anything. You know, the obligatory "white washed" corporate PR campaign when everyone is shocked to find out that the iPhone is made by people earning $.50 an hour in a Medieval sweatshop. After that, it's back to business as usual...

Fiddling While Rome Burns

There's A Price To Be Paid For Being a Self-Absorbed Idiot: $Everything (no refunds)

This just in @Dumbfuckistan HQ:

The Dow Has Reached "A New Permanent Plateau"

The Idiocracy Has Discovered the Secret to Effortless Wealth - Money Printing
The geopolitical strife we are seeing in Eastern Europe, across Asia, and of course the Arab world, is no coincidence. The widely ignored rise of domestic violence here in the U.S. is a wholly related phenomenon. Globalization has boxed the world in to a dead-end pseudo-economy with no exit, even as ever-growing (wage) deflation is putting wage earners under EXTREME pressure. 

Globalization's funeral pyre is set, all it will take is one tiny spark...

Friday, May 9, 2014

Of Austrians, Marxists, Keynesians, Boy-Men (and Combination Thereof)

There are really only two kinds of people in this world - the vast majority of human refugees who are only capable of thinking of themselves and then this ever-dwindling now miniscule minority who dare to actually consider others as well. And no I'm not referring to registered "Democrats".

Beyond correctly identifying who is who and which is which, everything else about economics and politics is pure fucking self-serving pseudo-academic bullshit and highly intentional misdirection...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

MEGA RISK: HALO Crash to Minsky Moment

The Problem with bubbles is that they force one to look like an idiot before the peak or a bankrupt idiot after the peak. Decisions...
The goal of this era clearly has been to force as many skeptics as possible to capitulate, thereby making the remainder of us look like paranoid idiots. The end result being a seamless Borg of Kardashian-stoned drones oblivious to any and all risk. After all, what better way for the Fates to monkey-hammer a fake society and fake way of life into fucking oblivion?

As I said before, we are reaching the moment of binary truth - either us skeptics are right and reality is extremely fashionably late, or every oblivious dumbfuck we ever came across, is vindicated for having their heads shoved squarely up their own asses... 

Spain in Depression@Max Leverage

Globalization Collapsing in Broad Daylight
Today's economists will somehow tell us that they believe in market-based incentives for driving behaviour. Yet then on the other hand, they somehow fail to see that 0% interest rates subsidizes debt accumulation, thereby massively increasing leverage, all of which is doomed to fail disastrously, as we've only seen about a dozen times in the past decade.

How come this disconnect? Because they're soon-to-be-bankrupt dumbfucks. Case closed.

The Ponzi Model Doesn't Go In Reverse...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Smartest People are The Best Liars

...They Have the Highest Artificial Intelligence

We live in the illusion. The illusion tells us that the economy is real. The illusion says that the economic recovery is real. The illusion says that borrowing from Third World wage slaves will continue forever. The illusion says that climate change is fake. The illusion says that Peak Oil can't happen. The illusion says that this is all under control.

Today's Best and Brightest are Neither
But the real question is who creates and sustains this illusion? And the fact is that while the sociopathic "best and brightest" create the self-serving illusion, it's the people all around us who sustain it. As a side effect of being wholly incapable of facing the truth, the masses at large unwittingly assimilate and propagate the illusion.

The Borg IS the Illusion...

Margin Call@Peak Leverage

The Underwear Got Mighty Stained in March and April
Margin debt fell for the first time in 8 months during March, as the speculative rout took its toll. And according to ZH, April will show even more "deleveraging", as hedge funds were monkey hammered during what is usually "the best month of the year" as well.

Don't worry about the economy, there isn't one...
We also just learned that first quarter GDP was actually negative, by as much as -.8%, which in terms of honest GDP (aka. debt adjusted) is -5%. Either way, the U.S. is already in a one quarter recession...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Globalization Collapsing@Peak Delusion

The U.S. pseudo-economy is 5 years into pseudo-recovery, which is good news to the pseudo-humans

Unfortunately, however, those zombies who are now attempting to cling to the consumption-oriented lifestyle at all costs, even as it collapses into the abyss, will be dragged down right along with it...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome to Dumbfuckistan

Where Artificial Intelligence is the Only Kind
The economy and the Malaysian airliner were both going to China and now they are both missing. Coincidence? I don't think so...The dumbfucked search for both continues, while everything else implodes in the background...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Next? Avoiding a New Dark Ages

Financial capital (aka. paper assets), are a notional illusion. The majority of the factors underlying today's unprecedented paper wealth will be obliterated during the "reset"...

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Last Temptation of Wall Street

0% interest rates combined with Bernankenstein's "savings glut" (aka. money borrowed from factory slaves) means that money has never been cheaper and more at risk than it is now. This so-called "Financial Repression" has forced investors to put more and more money at risk to chase ever-decreasing returns. The end game is 3% bond yields on Spanish debt now almost equal to the "risk free rate" aka. Treasury yield. 

In a world where volatility has been artificially suppressed, risk becomes binary - Capital that is ultra-cheap one day, will be unobtainable the next. In the context of asset levitation strategies that require ongoing flows of capital to maintain the illusion of solvency, that could be a problem...

Peak Delusion: Is Everybody Happy?

This moment of peak delusion brought to you by Central Banks, HFT Bots, billionaires, Baby Boomers and other Dow worshippers...

Supply Side Ponzinomics@FULL RETARD

The Elitists Are Bailing Themselves Out, At the Expense of Everyone Else
Continually bailing out and subsidizing the Supply Side (Corporations and Lenders) while leaving the Demand Side (aka. Wage Earners, Borrowers) to flounder amidst ever-mounting liabilities is the core "strategy" of the past thirty plus years, which went into overdrive after 2008. 
For a society with the intelligence of a bowl of porridge, it seems like the best option...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pile Drive This Fucker Straight Into the Ground

There's nothing we can do to end this globalized slave model that the stoned masses aren't already doing. So, sit back and enjoy the dumbest reality tv show ever created...
The real reason that the Baby Boomers - the controlling voting bloc in all developed nations - endorsed this MASS INSANITY, is because they assumed that it would all collapse AFTER they are gone. So the entire political program is just on auto-pilot with Faux News running in the background. Wars, tax cuts for RomneyBots, doubling in defense budgets, NSA spying, drone attacks, cutting foodstamp aid (twice now), anti-Obamacare legislation, reduced student loan support, reduced aid for returning veterans - who the hell do you think votes for all of that garbage?

There is literally nothing our oblivious thought dealers could do to accelerate the demise of this fiasco. Not one thing...