Monday, October 27, 2014

The Last Temple

People will believe anything, if it goes on long enough

Fed heroin has been flowing for 37 months straight
Printing money to buy stocks ends today.
Dow with Fed Balance sheet (Click here. for Fed balance sheet data)
Correlation lower pane (i.e. 96%):

People will believe ANYTHING. It's only ever a matter of time.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Late Stage: Mental Breakdown

People don't want the truth. They can't handle the truth
One of these countries makes things, the other buys things

One of these countries shut down on average 17 factories per day between 2000 and 2012. The other one created thousands. 

One of these countries borrows, the other one saves

The country that borrows has a minimum wage of $7.25/hour. The country that makes things has a minimum wage of $.80/hour, yet both countries compete on the same world markets (?)

One of these countries says it's Capitalist, the other one says it's Communist. When in fact, they're both Fascist.

The "Capitalist" country prints money to make billunaires fat and happy while everything falls apart in the background

The "Communist" country builds empty cities to keep billunaires fat and happy while everything falls apart in the background

Beggar Thy Neighbour (and thyself)
One of these countries is the biggest net debtor nation in the world and the other is the second largest creditor nation in the world. The chance that any of that debt will get paid back is the limit approaching zero. The fact that the U.S. stock market is rallying throughout this historically unprecedented estate sale, while the Chinese stock market is at levels seen 8 years ago, should have been one of many clues that this disaster is circling the toilet.

Monetary Euthanasia Visualized: 
Dow with Fed balance sheet versus Shanghai Composite

People don't want the truth, what they want is another season of the Kardashians and their daily infotainment enema.

The Dow Prozac is running out - we are witnessing late stage mental breakdown in every direction while the stoned masses pretend that rising violence is just the latest season of Breaking Bad.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Which Stocks Should I Buy in a Collapse?

Three scenarios:
One is Halo Crash. Two is 1929-style waterfall. Three, the indefinite impossible

German DAX
A Collapse taking place in broad daylight while jackasses debate whether it can even happen
Head and shoulders top with backtest

If you were conned into believing that all of this will go on forever, then you've come to the wrong place...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ponzi Capitalism is Collapsing from the Outside In

But unfortunately you can't convince people that the impossible is not possible, even when it's falling apart right in front of their own eyes

This blog is like pounding sand up my ass...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Deflation: Collapse in Broad Daylight

(T-)Bonds or Stocks? Who's right?

Longer-term, in the past 7 years, bond yields peaked prior to stocks, four times.

Now, yields are have collapsed down near Lehman levels. What? Me worry? 
Not this circus of buffoons.

A collapse in broad daylight while the gamblers were figuring out which stocks to buy

5+ Reasons Why "Reset" is Necessary

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Collapse: Path of Redemption

"The ancient Rabbis contrasted God's sovereignty with the rule of Rome. Rome seeks its own glory, wars against other peoples to subjugate them, revels in material existence, lives off the work of slave labor, allows many to die of poverty and starvation, and promotes entertaining circuses and gladiator spectacle. The Rabbis, picturing redemption, remark that the messianic age will be recognized when an end is brought to the rule of wickedness." - Solomon Schechter

So be it.

Taking The Easy Way Out Is Killing People. Literally

A Comfort-Seeking Society Approaching a Brick Wall
The overriding theme of this era with respect to the "three Es" - energy, environment, and economy is to delay and defer as long as possible. To allow these disasters to accumulate by all means possible, and then push them onto the children and grandchildren.

I know a lot of people who have died of cancer recently for much the same reason - deferred responsibility towards their own polluted bodies. People my parents' age (mid-70s) and younger, who thought nothing of treating their own bodies like a toxic waste dump. Anyone who will desecrate themselves is not going to think twice about desecrating this planet or even their own children. 

Soft and Disease-Prone
This drive to "simplify" everything is at the root cause of all ignored human-led disaster. It's reaching a brick wall. It turns out that taking the easy way out is not the secret to human happiness and health. Some amount of adversity, hard (real) work, and real sustenance is necessary in order to condition the mind and body for long-term survival. Constant comfort-seeking taken to its natural limit in combination with Soylent Frankenfood, has left people soft and disease-prone.

The consumption-oriented lifestyle is self-imploding
At this late stage, having sought the easiest way out of every situation for years and decades, most people are no longer capable of contemplating a more sustainable path forward. Now, merely pretending and keeping up appearances takes up all remnants of their massively depleted energy. To them, any "reset" is wholly unthinkable, which is what makes it inevitable.

Collapse is only possible if enough people assume it's not possible  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola: Thinning the Herd

Reality is not a fucking conspiracy
Rapper Chris Brown tweeted this week that Ebola is a form of population control. The Idiocracy went bat shit. It never occurred to any of them that Ebola is in fact nature's ultimate form of population control. Consider it just one of the many gifts from globalization and the commensurate shrinking of this "hot, flat, and crowded" planet to accommodate 7 billion people. Now the galaxy's largest petri dish.  

The related news was that the mortality rate for Ebola is 70% versus the previously believed 50%. Again, there was a dunced response from the lamestream. People seem to think that 70% is worse than 50% whereas it's the other way around. Earlier strains of Ebola had 90% kill rates. These more virulent strains never became a pandemic because the virus killed people so quickly and efficiently that it never had a chance to spread. Now the virus has mutated, delayed onset of symptoms and lower mortality means that the virus now has time to be spread globally or even worse "carried" by someone immune to its worst effects.

Then there was the news of the second nurse in Texas who contracted the disease due to a "breach in protocol". Let me get this straight, they spent a thousand dollars per hour fighting this disease in one patient and still two nurses were infected. That's not a fucking breach of protocol that's a disaster. No one goes to work saying "I'm going to see if I can get Ebola today". How are these hospitals going to fight a disease that costs a thousand dollars per hour to "treat" but where 70% of the patients die anyway? Who picks up the tab for that? And what sane person would ever go to a hospital that is accepting Ebola patients? I see a certain economic dilemma. And therefore, what chance do African nations have of fighting this disease? Zero. Healthcare workers in Liberia threatened a strike to protest the extreme hazards. Stay tuned for future events. Eventually they will just have to quarantine the victims. No sane healthcare worker should want anything to do with this disease. 

And don't even think about the use of this virus in biological warfare, just assume that every terrorist organization in the world is working on obtaining the cheapest and most powerful weapon ever created.  

Population control. Indeed. 

Soylent Frankenfood: We're already being killed off

Over the past several decades frankenfood companies swapped out real food for fake food, in broad daylight

As of today, 90% of food in the grocery store is laced with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, denatured wheat flour, soy isolates, genetically modified foods (gmo), pesticides, antibiotics and other chemical inventions. And yet the branding and marketing of these products is the exact same today as it has been for decades. In other words, the name of these products stayed the same, but the contents were swapped from real food to fake food. And governments just let it happen. Clearly, replacing real food with fake food was the only way to sustain 7 billion people. However, the disease-ridden consequences of these actions are only now being fully realized. 

Soylent K "Original" (since 1956): health grade: "F"

(Bear in mind that GMOs are not required to be labelled)

The sociopathic corporations and their sociopathic executives, lie to us constantly and poison our children

Wall Street Still Burying ETraders

Despite the recent market turmoil, Wall Street cranked out 10 IPOs in the past week. Three yesterday alone, during the biggest Dow drop in several years.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fuck Kyoto

Fracking Shellacking aka. FRAK ETF

Corporations are Middle-men

People make things and people buy things. 
The sociopathic corporation sits in the middle and uses East/West labour arbitrage to extract inflated profits, while politicians look the other way and euphemistically refer to the entire slave trade as "the economy". No amount of profit will ever be deemed sufficient to the limitless growth machines known as corporations.  And no small business will be able to compete when marketing shells can source Third World labour at 80 cents per hour.

Only when balanced and sustainable trade is maintained and profit extracting multinationals are out of the equation, will full labour employment be achievable. The rest is hyperbolic bullshit.

No conscience, no home, no culture, no belief, no soul. No future.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Peak Liars and Peak Fools: A Generation of Gamblers

The generation that never learns
Just five years ago in 2009, today's generation of investors swore they would never get conned again. At all costs, they would avoid the same mistakes that had brought them to the depths of despair. They had been conned into being Wall Street's bagholder in 2000 and 2007. They also bought into the housing bubble and the subprime delusion. Many investors like myself, quit and walked away, gladly willing to accept 0% on savings over another roller coaster ride with psychopaths. However, the fact that this cycle is repeating on an even greater magnitude despite the economic destruction wrought the last two times, shows there are still a disproportionate number of fools running amok. Those who don't learn not to trust psychopaths, are doomed to be monkey hammered into fucking oblivion...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rich Man's Panic

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints, by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. Loyalty to the group requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. 

The dysfunctional group dynamics of the "ingroup" produces an "illusion of invulnerability".

Correlation is Annihilation
Hedge fund correlation:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Shellacked: One Year of Global Gains. Gone

Global Dow has given up 12 months of gains

The frogs in boiling water still haven't panicked...

Frankenfood Update

Corporations maximizing profits by spreading disease
And pharmaceutical dependency to finish the job

1) Microwave Popcorn:
- A chemically manufactured food-like-product
- Linked to infertility in women

BTFC: Buy the Fucking Collapse

Welcome to the Hotel Californication
Percent Bears: 14% 
Twenty-seven year low 
Back to 1987 just prior to the crash...

Ebola is not the next AIDS. It's 10x Worse

You can't get AIDS from touching an airplane seat that someone else touched two days ago

Ebola is the deadliest virus in world history without any comparison. The average person living in these African nations now struggling to get the disease under control, subsist on $1-$2 per day. AIDS treatment is currently estimated to cost ~$10/day

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Instant Meltdown. Just Add Panic

As is prerequisite, the stoned Idiocracy is still stewing in its own juices and keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Chart of the day: "Distribution"  
aka. institutions selling to the usual bagholders (down volume - up volume)

This sets up system test for Skynet...

Worshipping Markets While Everything Circles the Drain

A Fitting End to a Massively Corrupt Society

Given enough time, the Casino becomes more important than what it represents...

Mid-Term Game Show Host Elections: In Four Weeks

Congressional Approval Ratings (Percent):
Data from: 
(I took the highest rating from each year):

From 16% disapproval to 16% approval in 13 years:

Wages, GDP, Profits:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

*Money Printing Update*

This just in: ZH: Fed will continue to Mainline Monetary Heroin For A "Considerable Time"
The "recovery" is pending an "economy", therefore...
The Fed will continue to sponsor reckless gambling, leveraged speculation, debt-funded dividends, leveraged buybacks, mass outsourcing, stashing of profits in offshore bank accounts and malinvestment. All for a "considerable time" longer than the considerable time that everyone had considered at the time. 

The Obama "recovery": Please maintain safe distance
Essentially identical to the Bush "recovery" but delivering a lot more "bang" for the buck:

Soylent Idiocracy: Gleeful self-extinction

The Learning Channel

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Devolving: Corporatized Drones Devoid of Humanity

Exploitation masquerading as "progress", is ground zero for global anarchy.

Having systematically placed at risk this entire planet and every other species, now this devolving species is inadvertently turning the gun on itself.

ISIS and all of these other terror groups seemingly springing out of nowhere are merely a symptom of a much more pervasive problem. The exploitation of billions of people, who on average "are worth" $2.50 per day -  for decades and centuries, has systematically destroyed the global fabric of humanity. This amnesiac mass murdering society invades, carpet bombs, exploits, oppresses, and manipulates millions of people and then feigns self-righteous innocence when they dare strike back. 

At best, the developed world has a cynically practiced token compassion for an arbitrarily selected few, while the overwhelming silent majority ride under the bus in the background. A globalized ponzi scheme has no means by which to allocate adequate resources to 7 billion, hence practiced acts of fake compassion are the means by which the stunted conscience of the ever-dwindling controlling minority is assuaged.

Just as poverty is now imported directly from the Third World, so too is the inhumanity of allowing 20,000-30,000 children to die every day for want of a few dollars worth of food and medicine. The developed world's all-important standard of "civility" is a contrived illusion consisting of intractable poverty, resource degradation, extreme pollution, child exploitation, corporate colonization, land mines, cluster bombs and drone attacks. 

This fake "civility" is wholly devoid of humanity and is ground zero for global anarchy.

A massive dose of long overdue humility is on deck.

Hindenburg Omen x 4

"The Hindenburg Omen is a combination of technical factors that attempt to measure the health of the NYSE, and by extension, the stock market as a whole. The goal of the indicator is to signal increased probability of a stock market crash."

September 18th, 19th, yesterday, today

Monday, October 6, 2014

IPO Ground and Pound

Wall Street is trying to get the last pieces of shit out the door 
CEO of SFX Entertainment, worst performing IPO of the past year, giving an investor presentation:

"The last time such a large share of IPOs were profitless - the S&P 500 lost almost half of its value"

"Stocks Have Reached a Permanently High Plateau" - Irving Fisher, 1929

"I'm about to repeat what I said at this time yesterday and the day before - when a Ponzi scheme implodes, the value of stocks is the limit approaching zero"

Chart via ZH/Hussman Funds: "Dancing Without a Floor" 

MASS CONFUSION: Theft in Broad Daylight

In a corrupt, fully commercialized society, no one knows who to trust anymore

We have orders of magnitude more information than ever before in human history, and yet less knowledge, wisdom, judgement, and intelligence than existed since the Dark Ages. Human intelligence has fallen since the Victorian era and this era of mass attention deficit has accelerated the downtrend. 

Generating mass confusion is how the "elite" conduct their theft in broad daylight. 

Choose your own daily Infotainment Enema:

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wall Street Can't Monetize Collapse. This Time.

Wall street and the Corporatocracy already monetized the middle class
Back in 2007/2008, when Wall Street placed its bet against housing, subprime, and the middle class, the market "skeptics" were highly vocal - talking down the market. The stock market had peaked a full year before the Lehman meltdown, so it was in Wall Street's interest to broadcast risk concerns, far and wide.

Singularity: A One Way Ticket
This time around, with no middle class to bet against, there is no viable bearish thesis, except against themselves. Hence, Wall Street is very quiet on the subject of how all of this will inevitably end. After all, for them it's only ever a matter of months before the next bonus payout...

We need not expect any advance warning from Wall Street this time around.

Damage Assessment

Ponzi Fascism: The Handbook

Thirty years ago no one would have believed that China, Russia and the U.S. would all converge on the same "model":

Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of an ever-dwindling minority
Token Democracy
Perpetual self-fulfilling war on 'terror" aka. contrived fear
"Extend and pretend" pseudo-economic recovery program
Carpet-bombing diplomacy
Direct support of the world's most corrupt dictators and authoritarian regimes 
Lies of omission
Rewriting of history
Massive police/surveillance apparatus
Media control/propaganda
Hubris and fabricated nationalism
Constant external intervention
Continual resource grab
Slavery of the populace

And a comatose general population that just let it happen. Lenin said it only takes 10% to foment revolution, but no one 100 years ago predicted the global corporatized Idiocracy. 

Except Orwell.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

What do they want?

Sovereignty, free of foreign manipulation
Decision Rights
Balanced trade
Equitable access to resources
Freedom of speech
Honest leadership/transparency
Economic opportunity
A sound currency
A balanced budget
A humane safety net
Laws that don't change daily

aka. A "Future". Something no country provides right now under globalization.

Decadence, then anarchy, then...?

Third World Deflation: An Elevator Ride Into the Abyss

The corporate country club opened the floodgates to Third World deflation, now they can't fix the problem. Because they are the fucking problem:

Friday, October 3, 2014

The psychopaths are running out of lies

Despite $33 trillion in "stimulus" and 520 interest rate cuts, the global economy is slowing 

[CNBS: Oct. 2nd, 2014]
The massively wasted "stimulus" bypassed the economy and went straight into offshore bank accounts.

Clearly, we need to plunder the grandchildren for more "growth"...

Truth? or Consequences?

The choice has been made

Third World Ambition: 35 Years of Class Warfare

American "Socialism" Visualized
Reagan-era Supply-Siders decided long ago that the economy is a zero sum game between profits and wages

Wages, GDP and Profits: baselined to "100" as of 1969:

Dumbfuckistan: home of the low wage drone
Faux News was created to brainwash Dukes of Hazard nation. The rest as they say, is history: Lower wages and continuous warfare to occupy the masses. 

The real deficit is the moral deficit. Until that gets "fixed", nothing will get better. This will be a lesson in humility for people who just assumed that "it can't happen to me".

Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Who Wants More Kool-Aid?"

"Has monetary policy aided and abetted risk-taking? I hope so. That's why we did it"  
- Bank of England Chief Economist, Andy Haldane, July 2014

Natural Selection. Doing a fine job.

Cumulative Fragility

End Game for a comfort seeking society

People and "things" that never experience duress or adversity are extremely vulnerable to the effects of unanticipated systemic shocks. 

Which explains why this society went straight into the fetal position in 2008 and has remained that way ever since...

The All Importance of Hubris and Spectacle

The role of foreign wars is to distract the sheeple from what is happening at home

This just in: 
"Foreigners like to knock Americans for not knowing much about life beyond the U.S.’s borders. But the fact is that Americans may well know more about foreign affairs than the economy."

Good job everybody. Keeping right up there with the geography. Only a third knew that the "unemployment rate" is 6%. .0001% know that it's a total fucking fabrication.

Play Foreign Invasion: 
A Milton Bradley Production

This is All Just a Confidence Game Now

Continuous lying is the only thing keeping this shit show running

ZH: This just in:

"Since 1975, practically all the gains in household income have gone to the top 20% of households"

Stocks versus Jobs. Guess which is which:

The role of the Manchurian Candidate is to con dunces and ditto heads into believing that the "liberal agenda" is working, while billionaires and frat boys continue the estate sale.

Skepticism is Survival

Cynicism is eager self-burial

Fortunately, the stoned sheeple ignored OWS...

Lifestyles of the Filthy Rich: The New "Socialism"

Sodom And Gomorrah 2014

First, the daily dose of Man-boy Denialism:
ZH: Sept. 29, 2014

You can't make this shit up. Of course, here is the Inconvenient Truth:
"the majority of American households would be in jeopardy after an unexpected expense of only $400" 

"Spending money may seem easy, but there is an art to spending obscene sums without anything to show for it, except for a good time"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who Will Work For the Slave Owners?

When the Economy is configured like a Ponzi Scheme, the odds of achieving success are a lottery
Billionaires and boy-men tell us all day every day that their obscene wealth was solely due to their hard work and entrepreneurial brilliance. They tell us that they are the "job creators", even as the employment ratio is at a 30 year low. Perhaps they mean the "Chinese job creators". As most excellent as this line of bullshit may be, nevertheless, these disaster capitalists are still heavily reliant on the rest of us ne'er do wells who serve some role in their offshore cash accumulation scheme...
Belief in the great American Lottery will be tested...

A Glimmer of Hope: Wall Street Shit Canned

Fannie Mae: From $.20 to $6 and down again...

The latest trend is Wall Street firms looking to profit from the carcasses of 2008...