Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bible Lesson

This generation has seen it all in the name of MAGA.

A B-Actor ascend to power compliments of Post-Vietnam Shock Doctrine. A man who rode Supply-Side Voodoo Economics to the heights of power, turning the world's largest creditor nation into the world's largest debtor nation, in one decade. Homelessness and poverty exploded in a way not seen since the 1930s. America was great again. 

Post 9/11, the next round of Shock Doctrine was far worse. More borrowed tax cuts as "GDP". Foreign invasions as fiscal stimulus. Deregulation of corruption. Interest rate manipulation to fuel a housing bubble ATM machine. 

When that bubble burst, deaths of despair exploded due to alcohol, drugs, and suicides. All still minor causes of death when compared to the Soylent junk food lifestyle aka. the insolvent "Consumer choice".  As occurred in the collapsed Soviet Union circa 1990s, life expectancy plummeted for the first time in U.S. history. 

Through it all the MAGA gap between fantasy and reality grew wider and wider. And with it by necessity, opinions displaced inconvenient fact. Everyone was now entitled to their own fake reality. Denial became a way of life. Arrogant denial became the most popular 24x7 Faux News station. The most buffoonish and bloated talk show hosts were ushered through the ranks.

More deaths of despair later and along came Trump, a well-known serial con artist. More borrowed GDP plundered from future generations. Trade wars to extract yet more blood from the stone of America's factory slaves across the world. More deregulated corruption. Fracking on a record scale. Carbon output unprecedented. Desecration now venerated by sanctimonious hypocrites who had re-invented morality from altruism to self-interest.

Across all those years, everything that had once been real had now become fake. By the end, the U.S. was merely a Potemkin empire. And yet through it all, the MAGA storyline never changed. It had been closely guarded by those ever-fewer "winners" whose lives had yet to be fed into the hopper of the insatiable American Dream. Record wildfires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, and mass shootings couldn't dent their narrative.

God was not amused. And demanded the full carbon tax from the hairless monkeys hiding in their Disney World Gomorrah, somehow oblivious as to what was owed.

The rest is history.