Saturday, October 31, 2015

Way Too Many Fucktards

I mean Grasshoppers. 

Winter is coming. 

Plan accordingly.

Manic Empire: Third World Democracy

Violence is a cash money business. And killing foreigners is a tradition. It helps them find a better life. In Europe...

"Mass killing is like shopping on Thanksgiving. It's a tradition"

"Another problem solved"

Syrian nation building: By Lockheed Martin
"Enjoy your new life in Germany. Thank us later"
Kobane Syria, liberated by the "coalition"

Obamanation: "Third World Democracy"
Picture perfect impulse wave
Foodstamps (# participants) with Lockheed Martin

"Rome seeks its own glory, wars against other peoples to subjugate them, revels in material existence, lives off the work of slave labor, allows many to die of poverty and starvation, and promotes entertaining circuses and gladiator spectacle. "

When Prices Go To Zero, Jobless "Consumers" Will Benefit

The age of "free trade" aka. corporate arbitrage, is over. Don't tell anyone, it's still a secret. Why spoil the surprise?

When prices go to zero:

Profits will go to zero

Fake wealth will go to zero

Official "Unemployment" will go to zero

Employment will go to zero

Econo-dunces who actually believe there exists an entity called "consumer" will be bankrupt

And the streets will burn like the fourth of July

All because "free trade" is not free. But don't tell anyone, because they haven't figured it out yet...

Game of dunces visualized:
"I thought it was odd that everyone retired at the same time"

"includes both employed (employees and self-employed) and unemployed people, but not the economically inactive, such as pre-school children, school children, students and pensioners."

"At the end, there comes a generation that is so fucking dumb, that they lay themselves off for special dividends"

Prepare for RPM Rapid Price Movement aka. Flash Crash 2.0

"Never put all of your eggs in one basket and then drop it from a 10 story building..."

When the large caps rolled over in August, the Flash Crash followed. This time they're even more overbought, for maximum downside momentum...
S&P Equal weight / Cap weighted

The stock market's momentum peaked with the Alibaba IPO one year ago. Alibaba and market momentum are tracking 1:1 lower...
S&P Price / Volume (red line)
Alibaba (blue line)

Add in the Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Moonshot

And don't forget iPhoney 11++

Counter-trend bounce in biotech. Check.

Shanghai surprise. Check
Dow with Shanghai Comp.

The Hardest Landing: Social Mood Has Been Muppetized

Social Mood peaked 7-10 months ago: The jobless "Consumer" is tapped out and Etraders have been muppetized

Wall Street is the last muppet show...

Consumer Sentiment: Peaked December 2014
Real Estate (REITS): Peaked December 2014
Rydex Asset Allocation: Peaked February 2015
IPO Index: Peaked April 2015

The hardest landing...
ConnedSumer Sentiment w/Fed Funds rate

Double and dog food...
Rydex (bull:bear) asset allocation with the Dow

Doh! I knew I had seen that chart before...
Consumer sentiment with Dow Transports: peaked at same time (i.e. 10 months ago)...

Transports the weakest they've been since Lehman
Momentum (MACD) lower pane

Now For The Coup De Grace: "Shanghai Surprise"

Shanghai rule #1: Never throw your life savings away on overvalued tech stocks when the economy is tanking

Because: "No one saw that coming"

Two months to nowhere:
The biggest rally in four years, carries the market back to the scene of the Flash Crash two months ago

black arrows are filled gaps, green arrows open...

The Fed is back in tightening mode
What could go wrong?

Enter Sandman aka. "Overnight risk": 
The Bank of Japan didn't come through for dopium whores, no additional stock buying...

S&P with Dollar/Yen:

Aussie/Yen w/S&P:

Yen carry trade: 1998 indeed

Friday, October 30, 2015

"Here Comes Your Biggest Meltdown In Human History"

This circle jerk makes a circus seem real

When end of year bonus is on the line, the desire to believe anything, is overwhelming...

Equal weight S&P / Cap weighted

Nasdaq equal weight / cap weight

Retail equal weight / cap weight

"Here comes your biggest meltdown for stocks in human history"

Nasdaq with the "economy"

NYSE Comp w/% of stocks above 200 dma:

Value Line Arithmetic Average aka. Deja Vu

Emerging Markets

Aussie / Yen:

NYSE: One year overbought and falling...

Russell 2000

Buyback index

What Comes Around Goes Around

Dumbfuck fake belief of the day:
"All of the profit decline is from energy companies...all other sectors are doing fine..."

WSJ: Oct. 25, 2015:

"Profit and revenue are falling in tandem for the first time in six years"

"Sales are on pace to fall 4%—the third straight quarterly decline. The last time sales and profits fell in the same quarter was in the third period of 2009."

Q3 Update:
Seagate revenue miss
NCR revenue miss
F5 networks revenue miss
Monster Worldwide revenue miss
Southern Company revenue miss
Moody's revenue miss
Exxon Mobil revenues miss
NXP Semiconductor revenues miss
Buffalo Wild Wings revenue miss
Samsung revenue miss
Goodyear revenue miss
Johnson Controls revenue miss
Praxair revenue miss
Mastercard revenue miss
Xcel energy revenue miss
PG&E revenue miss
Abaxis revenue miss
Paypal revenue miss
Express Scripts revenue miss
Garmin revenue miss
Akamai revenue miss
Waste Management revenue miss
Paccar revenue miss
Microstrategy revenue miss
UPS revenue miss
Cummins revenue miss
Thomson Reuters revenue miss
State Street revenue miss
Pandora revenue miss
Procter & Gamble revenue miss
Skecher's Revenue miss
Caterpillar revenue miss
Freeport MacMoran revenue miss
3M revenue miss
Dow Chemical revenue miss
Quest Diagnostics
American Express
Las Vegas Sands revenue miss
AT&T revenue miss
Hynix Semiconductor revenue miss
Yahoo revenue miss
Harley Davidson revenue miss
Chipotle revenue miss
Johnson & Johnson revenue miss
IBM revenue miss
Morgan Stanley revenue miss
Halliburton revenue miss
Netflix revenue miss
KeyCorp revenue miss
Honeywell revenue miss
GE revenue miss
Intel revenue miss
Goldman Sachs revenue miss
Wynn revenue miss
PPG revenue miss
JPMorgan revenue miss
Dominos revenue miss
EMC revenue miss
Monsanto revenue miss
Yum Brands revenue miss
Alcoa revenue miss
Adobe revenue miss
Illumina revenue miss
Dupont revenue miss
Oracle revenue miss

"We can't afford higher wages"

"We can't afford revenues"
Dow with Sales/Share:

The hardest landing:
Profits peak with the "Economy" aka. short-term interest rates