Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nothing Matters While It Collapses

The title of this post used to be "Nothing Matters Until It Collapses". However, I had to change it to the above, since collapse in broad daylight is already well underway...

Trending Now
First, let's check in with the Idiocracy to see how they're doing:


Popular this Week
Let's see - in the top screenshot, the center pane, "Popular this Week" is giving up U.S. citizenship. When the going "gets tough", the tough turn in their passports. It's the American way. You can't make this shit up.

On the "trending now" section, we see that once again, Vitamin D is very popular. I picked some up myself this week (I'll try anything twice). However, no sign of the Ukraine or Crimea. I have no idea who Sara Evans is...

That was fun, now let's play: "Who is right?"

Previously, I had shown the correlation between the Canadian dollar and the Brazilian stock market - both key barometers of the global economy.

Here below, I will add the S&P 500:
We notice, that $CAD (red), Bovespa (green) are trending down versus, the S&P going in its Fed mandated direction of lower left to upper right corner (black).

Seems to be some disagreement over the state of the global economy:

Now add the Russian stock market (blue) which was monkey hammered this week and is now down 20% from its 52 week high aka. bear market:

Seems to be some amount of consensus, excluding U.S. stocks of course:

Let's add copper which was limit down this week a couple of times, as ZH says, similar to pre-Lehman:

I'm seeing somewhat of a trend here...

We also learned this week that corporate insiders are dumping shares at a rate not seen in 25 years. Then again, what the hell do they know that we don't know?

IBD moved to "Uptrend under pressure" mode and noted that the momentum stocks were bludgeoned all week: Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Solar Stocks, Chinese internet stocks, recent IPOs - were hammered across the board. Yes, even Priceline. IBD counts a very high 7 distribution days on Nasdaq and 3 on the S&P. Why they haven't switched to "market in correction" is anyone's guess...

Fannie Mae got shellacked this week when in a rare moment of clarity, the Senate proposed a bill to wind down these never-ending taxpayer liabilities (Fannie and Freddie).

And the mighty Biotech. 
The leading sector for five years straight, looking to be finally rolling over. There goes leadership...

Remember: Nothing Matters Until It FULLY collapses, so BTFATH