Saturday, October 5, 2013

Profit Killed The Prophet

Would-be "historians" are constantly obsessed with how Jesus died 2,000 years ago. What they should really be focused on is how his message got obliterated in the here and now...

My Religion Is Reality - We Have Very Few Members
Let me start this post by saying that if my blog offends you, you're not alone. It offends me too. However, that's the nature of reality, it's highly offensive to our innate sense of delusion. That said, in the contest between reality and fantasy, reality ALWAYS wins. It can take time of course, for reality to catch up to fantasy, but the longer it takes to converge, the more ugly is the result when they collide. We are of course living in the largest debt-sponsored vacation from reality in human history with no comparison, therefore we can expect the collision between reality and fantasy to be quite spectacular, to say the least

Who Killed Jesus? 
I just heard that Faux News' Bill O'Reilly just wrote a book called "Killing Jesus". The title alone made him a million dollars. No, I didn't read the book, but I did go scope it out since it held the fascination of a train wreck. Then I got to thinking, who did kill Jesus? No not two thousand years ago. We know more or less how he died back then, but how about today, who is responsible for burying Christian values so deep that they are literally non-existent in society today? Was it right wing sanctimonious hypocrites running around doing the exact opposite of what they say they stand for? Or was it Wall Street and Corporate profiteers who turned Christmas into the biggest shopping binge of the entire year, without which Wall Street would in no way be able to make its massive bonus payout?

Altruism Has Been Obliterated
The primary theme of Christianity is compassion toward's one's fellow man. It's highly debatable whether or not this species is capable of any such thing on a systematic basis, nevertheless that has been the consistent message for two thousand years. The competing ideology of course is concern for one's self. This of course is not an ideology at all, it's an instinct no different than a dog taking a shit on the front yard. However, under the auspice of Ayn Rand's junk philosophy of "rational self-interest", the philosophy of self-interest went into overdrive in the past three decades as the charts all over this blog show unambiguously, like these ones - A Conspiracy of Dunces. Now, I don't expect the Lost Boys of the Idiocracy to understand any of what I am saying here, because they are barely capable of looking after themselves much less anyone else. The measure of a man used to what he did for others, now it has been dwindled down to whether or not he can move out of his parent's house by age 35. That said, historically, overriding concern for self has been deemed strictly the domain of children and refugees and not a philosophy to be venerated by a brain-clogged Idiocracy. Therefore, as this entire clusterfucked experiment lurches towards oblivion we can chalk this era up to just a very bad experiment in what happens when the cult of the individual goes into full overdrive. Other nations take note, because this is a cautionary tale for any country that attempts to pursue this "philosophy". To be expected, there are copious disinformers now trying to blame socialism for the downfall of the U.S. The people advancing these self-serving theories were the ones mostly responsible for inflicting mortal damage to their own nation. The truth of course is that the U.S. is still the least socialized of the developed nations and yet at this juncture the most economically dysfunctional this side of Spain and Greece. Were it not for a unique ability to print money on demand - conferred by the dollar's reserve currency status - the U.S. economy would have collapsed a long time ago. The U.S. is currently printing money at a rate of 6% of GDP, with a 2% economic "growth" rate. So only a dunce or an economist really assumes the economy is out of recession. These last ditch attempts to introduce "socialism" into the U.S. via foodstamps and Obamacare are like trying to pump water out of the Titanic. They've delayed rioting by weeks and months, that's all.

Black Friday
Getting back to how the Prophet was killed by profit - growing up in Canada, I always thought Black Friday was some sort of historical massacre. Even today, my mother keeps asking me what the name means - every year she asks the same question. Of course, for those outside the U.S., it refers to the day immediately after Thanksgiving day which is typically the biggest shopping day of the year and the day on which the average retailer becomes profitable (black referring to accounting ink for profit versus red for loss). To me it's staggering to realize that these stores sell merchandise for 11 months straight, making a variable cost profit from every sale, but only fully cover their fixed costs when the Christmas buying binge gets underway. That's a huge warning sign right now of the vast overcapacity in retail, not just in the U.S. but also in every other developed nation. 

No Holidays For You
Meanwhile, the holiday retail schedule in the U.S. (and Canada) has gone FULL RETARD in the past several years as stores are staying open or re-opening at the most ludicrous times. In Canada, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is now the biggest shopping day of the year. Stores are now opening at midnight, so that midnight mass is still underway and yet people are already lined up to buy more crap, that they could have bought two weeks earlier. In the U.S. many stores are open on Thanksgiving Day and even the ones that are not, usually open at midnight. All of which means that a huge proportion of employees across both countries now get no statutory holidays - even the holidays that are supposed to fundamentally represent family values. 

The Only Problem With Christianity Is That It's Never Been Tried
Binge shopping for Christmas is similar to shooting someone on Gandhi's birthday. Were he alive today, I suggest that Jesus would not condone a mega consumption binge for his birthday, on top of a year long mass consumption binge. The fact that Wall Street can't make their numbers without Christmas is the greatest irony of all. In the Idiocracy nothing is sacred, except profit.