Monday, July 23, 2018

Competitive Debasement. Is Not As Fun As It Sounds.

At this rate, I predict David Copperfield will be the next U.S. President. Per the rules of Japanification, open lying is not only openly accepted, it's openly embraced. Elected to be exact...

Synonyms for debasement

Trump is doing everything possible to implode the global asset bubble. I give him ten out of ten on the implosion scale. Trade wars, tax cut driven rate hikes, insane Twitter posts - there's no way Clinton could do this well. She's only a woman after all, and "they're worse at everything". 

Speaking of smoke and mirrors, bond yields are rising ahead of this week's Q2 GDP report, putting a bid under banks:

"the projected surge is “temporary” and “the result of the fiscal stimulus,” he said. “It’s not a 4 percent economy.”

In other words, it's a 4% deficit, but not a 4% economy. In terms of honest GDP, it's what is known as a "recession".

This fiscal year's deficit is already almost as large as last year's deficit ($666 billion), with still half a year to go:

"Budget-watchers have warned that the combination of the massive, unfunded tax cut the GOP passed last year and a spending deal that busted through preset budget caps would lead the U.S. deficit past $1 trillion by (FY) 2019"

FY19 begins October...

"It was the best delusion borrowed money could buy"

All RussiaGate/Deep State bullshit aside, there's only one real reason why Trump (man) beat Clinton (woman): because there are (too) many Americans who still only trust an alpha male in control of the Sith Empire. No matter how batshit crazy he may be.

File that under careful what you wish for...

Skynet is desperately trying to hold 2800 S&P going into peak earnings week and peak buyback liquidity reduction. So right on time Trump monkey hammered Technology stocks.

Any questions?

So far, so bad:

Netflix disappointed last week and Microsoft beat last week, but then again, Microsoft always beats Wall Street's carefully managed bogus expectations:

Google is next up after today's close:

Facebook Wednesday

Amazon Thursday

Apple Tuesday next week

Should be an interesting week

Japanification gone Global - countries now competing for who can have the biggest liars in leadership:

"China has no desire to boost its exports through competitive devaluation while the nation’s sound economic fundamentals are providing support to the currency"