Saturday, July 21, 2018

President Of The Idiocracy aka. "What Happened?"

Nixon was elected the year I was born. Which means that RepubliCons have foisted idiots and criminals upon this planet for 50 years straight, each iteration being more ludicrous than the last. 2008 was the down payment for this desecration. The balance is due...

"Yo, fuck all y'all. I'm the smartest guy up in this motherfucker"

At "some point" in the future, the United States devolves into a corporatized Idiocracy, predominated by mindless dunces. The leader of the Idiocracy is a former professional wrestler "reality TV" star, with the IQ of a dead gopher and the morality of a 12-year-old crack addict.

Because really, who could argue with this logic?

What he lacks in intelligence, President Camacho more than makes up for in hubris, swagger, and clown-like over-confidence. He exhibits the language skills of a third grade ritalin addict, issuing trite pronouncements that are wholly uninhibited by truth or reality. Nevertheless, Camacho voters are fanatical followers of their dumbfucked leader. Seeing in their trusted leader the qualities they most love in themselves.  Believing everything he says, regardless of how asinine or self-contradictory. Belief having supplanted logic, reason, and especially thinking. A post-truth society, wholly incapable of separating fact from fiction and therefore falling back to paranoid alt-white narratives casting all blame on the encroachment of brown people, for causing their own self-destruction. The alt-right media seize the opportunity to monetize the fortunate convergence of paranoia and illiteracy to the maximum extent possible - dumbing them down on a steady diet of ad-sponsored bullshit. The net result is a horde of brainwashed automatons conveniently programmed to vote against their own economic interests over and over again. Each time believing a more fraudulent circus clown than the last.

The cannon fodder for serial incompetent military blunders, who else but the stable of Faux-News brainwashed zealots. More than happy to go abroad in the service of Lockheed Martin quarterly profit. Nation building the entire Middle East by bombing it into rubble, unleashing the largest mass migration in human history. What else to do next, but block refugee asylum seekers while excoriating Europe for naively absorbing legions of refugees instead of allowing them to drown in the Mediterranean by the tens of thousands. Crazy fools. An eerily similar policy of failed intervention for Central America - carried out over decades, ending with multiple failed states in that region. This time the flood of refugees stymied by separating children from their parents and warehousing them in cages. The only question from the alt-Christian base, why didn't we think of this sooner?

The higher education system per se, consists of a debt-fueled arms race to self-bankruptcy. A socioeconomically-ordered country club wherein the price of admission grows at an exponential rate in order to limit admission. Top universities churn out degreed test takers like factory widgets, desiccated by four years of non-stop binge drinking, inconveniently interrupted by overnight cram sessions followed by rote regurgitation. The curriculum itself, a stale compendium of academic bullshit having absolutely zero relevance in the real world. The only true education being salesmanship - the means by which the top echelons maintain the ordering of society while exhibiting superior intelligence in sports, entertainment, and competitive socializing.  

The entire polluted circus is run by and for corporations which have taken profit extraction to ludicrous levels while turning the environment and human health into a toxic wasteland. The food supply long ago having been supplanted by corporate food-like-product. The deathcare system consists of pharmaceutical-induced addiction to ease the inexorable descent into Soylent euthanasia. The populace intentionally dumbed down to the level of a brick, via a History Channel purposely devoid of history and a Learning Channel polluted with shows about fattened pigs and pregnant teenagers.

Why else, but to make the abnormal appear perfectly "normal". 

aka. "The Learning Channel" for a society no longer capable of learning.