Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Critical (Lack Of) Support

Wall Street's search for a saviour in Kudlow went empty-handed. The casino is at critical support...

The casino bounced mildly into the close as Kudlow made his first tv appearance as Trump's new economic advisor. The mannekins at CNBS pressed him to push back on Trump's adversarial China stance. The nascent rally melted...

Whatever they do to the "factory to the world" will impact corporate profit...

Once again, the Dow was weakest, led lower by Boeing:

The S&P tagged the 50 day all day long, closing two points above it:

Tech looked for another breakout, but carved out a double top instead

Despite tech relative strength, money is rotating back to Treasury bonds:

REITS/Real Estate/Yield are finishing up 3 wave retracement:

All of which means that the least profitable retailer and least profitable large cap tech stock is holding up Tech and Retail: