Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Madness

If it's one thing we've learned in this era, it's that an Idiocracy never learns. On the anniversary of Y2K, the four horsemen of Tech 2000 are making their final runs this week. While on the anniversary of the Bear Stearns collapse, Congress is rolling back Dodd-Frank, as brokerage stocks go parabolic...

But first, because the Baby Boomers - who used to protest everything in the '60s, are too busy waxing nostalgic about the '60s, to protest today, it falls to Elementary school children to take on the NRA. GenX man-boys are safeguarding the sports bars for the month. The overriding theme of the day being abdication of responsibility. School children are now taking matters into their own hands. Cue Jimmy Kunstler to write a romance novel about the good old days before 70-year old geriatrics spent their days fretting over their IRA balances. And otherwise running the country into the ground. 

Meanwhile, back in the casino:
Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and Oracle all made new multi-year highs this week.

Any questions?

"With the 10th anniversary of Bear Stearns’ collapse coming up this week, leave it to Congress to find the perfect way to mark the occasion — by voting for another financial crisis.'

"It was the triumph of bullshit over reality"