Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Idiocracy Is About To Be Repealed

Missing in Action from all of the heated debate about Obamacare repeal is the inconvenient fact that the health insurance cartel's profits, soared by +30% during the second quarter. Apologists will say this is due to less exposure to the Obamacare exchanges - of course it is, that's the point, these companies specialize in skimming the cream off of the healthcare market, leaving the pre-existing conditions to the public system. That is the fundamental flaw in the U.S. system. Coupled with the fact that fewer and fewer U.S. companies are providing health insurance as a benefit, it's a recipe for total system collapse.

The U.S. private cartel-based "system" is an outlier in terms of higher cost and lower life expectancy:

It turns out that Donny's exhortation to insurance companies to abandon Obamacare has been wildly embraced by many insurance companies...

Investor's Business Daily
Aetna Soars, Molina Crashes

"Aetna (AET), which scaled back its ObamaCare exchange presence this year, easily beat second-quarter earnings estimates early Thursday, while Molina Healthcare (MOH) which dove deeper into the individual insurance market, saw its shares tumble after reporting a huge loss."

Profit skimming visualized:

There's a chance that this melt-up has nothing to do with Obamacare 

"Cigna is the latest insurance giant to post big profits in 2017 despite Obamacare losses. Aetna announced Thursday it would completely withdraw from Obamacare's exchanges in 2018 since it saw profits soar this year from reducing participation."


"We're rebranding as Inhumana"