Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This Rally Sponsored By War With North Korea

"I mean 'investing'"


"If the red line he drew today was 'North Korea cannot threaten the U.S. anymore,' that line was crossed within an hour of him making that statement"

Rewind to 2013: 

Meanwhile, in the casino...

A sane society invests within the bounds of normal risk parameters, while assuming the risk of rare and unforeseen Black Swan events. An Idiocracy on the other hand bets everything on a rare and extreme risk condition, while assuming that reversion to normal would be a Black Swan event. 

"I'm betting that this never-before-seen condition will continue indefinitely"

"This is good for another 100 Dow points..."

Tuesday, more fire and fury signifying Trump

By sheer coincidence, Boeing is the most heavily weighted of all 30 Dow stocks, and it's the only major defense stock in the Dow:

"Boeing’s success in the market accounted for 45% of the Dow’s upward mobility since March"

Keynesian bombing of foreigners is the last resort of every flailing president...