Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sound And Fury Signifying Trump

WARNING: Crazy lunatic with nuclear weapons running amok

Today gamblers bought the nuclear war dip with both hands. What else?

It takes years and trillions of dollars to modernize a nuclear arsenal. However, Trump managed to do it in six months as the reality TV President. He's like that batshit crazy cousin who will say anything just to get attention, only not nearly as funny...

"Trump ordered a review of U.S. nuclear posture, but it has not been completed and no new actions have resulted from it."

Speaking of pulling the trigger, fake reflation is literally perched at the edge of obliteration:

Small caps continue to get monkey hammered

Here's a new chart

Skynet is working overtime since gamblers are hitting the exits

Chinese internet stocks have started to lose momentum


The warfare rally is losing momentum, since it's the most overbought and overowned sector on the planet:

Netflix got monkey hammered today, as did Priceline and the entire internet travel complex 

Amazon is getting a head start on vertical mode:

Goodbye revenueless Biotech


Inverse volatility is rolling over...

"Last chance to get in ahead of the war"