Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Idiocracy Is About To Be Repealed

What's needed from this Ponzi scheme in order to move forward, is a "sharing" of the sacrifice, which is on the way, and for some reason they don't see it coming...

Case in point, I just read more of this man-boy bullshit informing me that robots are going to take the remaining jobs while all of us peasants inhabit the landfill Mad Max style. As usual, the jobless consumer is going to support the economy and service the mountains of Ponzi corporate debt spent on over-automating the hollowed out economy. How fucking dumb do you have to be believe this shit? As we see daily in the oil market, 0% poverty capital has funded overinvestment in collapse. Which hard to believe doesn't end with further investment. At least it won't this time around.

Unfortunately what some of us have learned in this cycle is that robots don't like shopping that much:

If frackers are ramping up production, why are their stocks imploding? Because they are attempting to offset lower prices with higher production. Which works great if one company does it, but hard to believe, in aggregate, it won't work. But we've only seen this movie once before, and geriatrics love watching the same movies over and over again...

"The coming destruction of jobs will be monumental, unstoppable and long-term"

It's the imminent self-destruction of capital you should be worried about, not self-driving Amazon delivery trucks:

There won't be any self-checkout machines in the supermarket on the other side of this fiasco...

Speaking of overinvesting in collapse...

Retail bludgeoned

Banks imploding

Tech hammered

Consumer staples Amazoned

Energy decimated

Transports Dow Theory failure. Yes again.

So what's left?

Remember don't tell them the ending, they like the surprise...

Output gap with U.S. deficit