Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All Hail Corruption

Gamblers are crowding into the riskiest casino stocks at the end of the cycle...

New lows > new highs...

The S&P was flat on the day:

Ending right at the election trendline:

First, the riskiest sector is now leading on news that Trump is going to renege on another campaign promise:

Almost three calls have traded for every put that bets on a decline. A ratio that lopsided was last seen in July 2005

After threatening to give government more negotiating power over drug costs and accusing manufacturers of “getting away with murder,” President Donald Trump is expected to settle for an executive order that will be “constructive”

"Thanks Donny"

The Bitcoin count still looks right, with a head and shoulders top one month in the making:

Bitstamp ($USD):

Oil is at a 10 month low, totally ignored by casino gamblers:

Banks shellacked

"The fear is that if fundamental events cause volatility to rise, these same passive vehicles will sell and exacerbate downside volatility"

Repeat after me

"No deaf, dumb, or blind man saw it coming"

My bad:

The "Amazon safe haven" trade made another run up the hill to pull in more gamblers...