Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Consumption Oriented Lifestyle Has Been Consumed

I love fake news. How else can a global collapse take place in broad daylight while stoned zombies blow smoke up each others' asses continuously?

There was a hoax going around recently that a new lifestyle called "Breatharianism" allowed a couple to go without food and water for a decade. A bunch of morons fell for it. We live in a denihilistic (new word) age when people will believe anything, which is another way of saying that they believe in absolutely NOTHING

I was telling my (21 year-old) son recently that his generation should want collapse to occur as soon as possible, so that rebuilding can begin in time to give them a solid future. That is the entire theme of this blog - Fuck the status quo and the zombies who believe in it. Young people should not be forced to pay into a ponzi scheme with zero chance of getting anything out of it. By unfortunate chance I stumbled across Shill O'Reilly's new book "Old Tool: My Pretend Life In The 1950s". What a fucking douchebag this guy is. He is exhibit A of a generation that consumed their own childrens' future and then blamed them for all of today's problems. What kind of generation blames their own children for the problems they inherited? A generation of hardcore douchebags, that's who. It never occurred to this moron that Faux News is considered to be the absolute lowest pile of dog shit by everyone living outside the U.S. Televised National Enquirer for retards. And it obviously never occurred to the math challenged O'Reilly that on the other side of reset it won't be generation Madoff who will have the last word on the era of degenerates that consumed the status quo while lying to themselves continuously. It will be the children who inherited the entire mess. It was the same way at the end of the USSR. "No one saw it coming". 

Faux News is already imploding as it is, as one after another of their star disinformers gets sent on "vacation", never to return. I suppose it has something to do with the "Old Tool" audience rolling off the end of the conveyor belt...

"What do you mean no more bailouts? You young people are ruining capitalism"

"We're making coal great again!"

"Good news, Donny says we're going back to the 1950s"