Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Silence Of The Sheeple

For the past two weeks financial stocks have been counter-trend rallying, which is odd since loan demand is collapsing. Then again, we've seen this movie before...

As we see above, for six months straight the Trump trade has been unravelling, however that hasn't stopped Wall Street from selling its virtues to the sheeple:

"The reason I think we have consumer confidence at record levels and markets at record levels and business confidence at record levels [is] because the basic program the administration has is really excellent"

Schwarzman, who chairs President Donald Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum, pointed to growth-friendly aspects of deregulation and infrastructure spending.

Infrastructure stocks:

But here is where it gets "interesting"


The White House under President Barack Obama estimated that Americans lose $17 billion a year to conflicts of interest among financial advisers. Wall Street lobbying groups dispute that math—and they’re right to do so. The actual dollar amount is probably much higher.

In other words, the reason why *everyone* is so optimistic is because serial psychopaths were never reined in after 2008...

Ben Franklin



Schwarzman said on his firm's earnings call in April that shares of the private-equity firm should be trading above $100 a share