Monday, December 12, 2016

Circus Clownius Burning Down The House

Trump was sooner, Hillary was later...

In just a few short weeks, the Trump wrecking ball has monkey hammered global sovereign bonds for a $1.75 trillion loss, Municipal bonds, Emerging Markets, and High yield stocks. Last week he hammered Biotech and Pharma with talk about cracking down on high prices.

Working together with the Fed, he has succeeded in driving the biggest valuation gap between stocks and bonds. EVER...

And of course, he's been pounding China relentlessly for over a week, with new comments yesterday questioning the "One China" policy. Now Uncle Sam's biggest creditor is "getting concerned":

Dec. 12, 2016
China Global Times: "Trump Is As Ignorant As A Child"

And just now, he monkey hammered the entire Military Industrial Complex:

In other words, Social Mood is playing out in headline hockey...

Right on time: