Monday, December 12, 2016

Acting Men. Are Running Out of Time

I just stumbled onto another denialist article, this time by a guy named "Acting Man". Indeed, but where to go from there...

It's not so much the pseudo-scientific climate debate that bothers me, it's the underlying assumptions regarding the indefinite status quo, that I find to be the most egregiously asinine at this late juncture. These people are extrapolating the insolvent status quo into the indefinite future.  

Therefore, instead of rebutting yet another non-scientist's view of climate change, I thought I would take a different tack, by explaining that ALL of the assumptions behind the ultra-corrupt carbon industry are wholly insolvent. Hence the one thing ironically, we can agree upon is that no "action" or regulation is needed. All that is needed is an overwhelmingly unfounded continuing belief in the status quo.

That in itself will sequester more carbon than any hundred climate agreements. 

Because, here is what happens when the beloved human exploitation Ponzi scheme collapses:

Free Trade will be an artifact of a deeply buried bygone era. 

Faux News and corporate media will be discredited for being the corporate propaganda that it is. 

Industry whores across the board in Oil, real estate, pharma, healthcare, finance, economics will be discredited. 

The majority of the oil industry will be insolvent. Oil will be $10 or less/ barrel. 

The entire Middle East will be insolvent

Tariff barriers will lower corporate profit by a factor of 90%

Local food and local production will return in force

The human to wildlife ratio will rebalance, mostly due to natural "attrition" at the high end of the age scale, and a lower birth rate. 

Apologists for unfettered capitalism will be in perpetual hiding

And as far as Acting Men and the rest of Wall Street are concerned. Those things will no longer exist.

Of course, this is a very "sanitized" version of what is actually going to transpire. After all, I don't want to "alarm" anyone. Rule #1 of all acting men: "never panic the sheeple". Because then they can't be fleeced, over and over and over again. By the exact same lying psychopaths.