Monday, December 5, 2016

"Free Trade": Human History's Biggest Lie

The Idiocracy is throwing their life savings away at the casino to rent prosperity...

The pseudo-capitalists have conveniently forgotten this all would have ended in 2008 without the taxpayer bailouts. In other words, there are no economic and financial "experts" anymore, there are just charlatans and alchemists blowing smoke up each other's asses non-stop. Boxed in by their own dumb ideas and ever more desperate to fabricate new castles in the sky. Only a proven Idiocracy trusts serial psychopaths...

What passes for "analysis" today is strictly performed on a relative basis. Meaning, "this" looks good compared to "that". Because on an absolute basis it all looks totally asinine.

So what exactly are today's economic experts in?

Fixing 2008 by adding more leverage?

Gaming Central Bank policy?

Printing money to buy stocks?

0% jobless recoveries?

Outsourcing to fund stock buybacks?

Trade policy consisting of 35 year trade deficits and Federal debt at 100% of GDP?

Impoverishing the middle class while extolling the virtues of the debt-laden jobless consumer?

Forrest Trump says he's going to "fix" the trade deals. No he's not. Anyone who believes that deserves their fate. The only thing that can fix the U.S. trade deficit is a tariff against countries that have no environmental or labour standard.

No country can compete with the Third World - even China is losing out to Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and robots. "More" is never enough for Multinationals. They won't stop until EVERYONE is bankrupt, including the apologists for the status quo.  

Today's economic observers are some of the dumbest most dishonest people in human history, who don't even understand basic arbitrage. They are intellectually and morally bankrupt. And soon to be financially bankrupt as well. They've herded the masses into a dead-end.

But, they'll be talking to the very last second, until they realize it's their turn to go under the bus...

"Printing money to buy stocks was their secret to effortless wealth"