Monday, December 5, 2016

Denial Of Reality - Cost: $Everything

The greed goggles are on:

"There was no warning in 2008 2016"

USDJPY with regional banks:

Replace Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, AIG and Lehman with China, UK, U.S., and European Union...

"Is the disintegration of Globalization a buying opportunity?"
"Of course"

Breadth during the Trump rally has been abysmal, consisting of all of the cyclical junk left behind over the past eight years...

"Good news":

Advances - Declines (30 dma):

Short-covering has been relentless because the market is almost continually oversold...

The biggest crashes occur in oversold markets...

We've never seen anything this asinine before:

Wilshire / Dow Ratio

"The Dow Jones industrial average has gained about 1,200 points over the past month. And interestingly, nearly half of that advance has been produced by just three stocks.

Leading the field by a wide margin is Goldman Sachs"