Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rational Self-Implosion: Greed Has Been Cornered By Poverty

"Everyone else is fucked, but we're going to be rich. Because 0% is not an option"

Greed is always talking. And never listening...
Watch what happens to "rational self-interest" next.

Labour went under the bus from the beginning of Globalization. Now capital is locked in a global zero sum momentum game, with each asset class and sector systematically pumped and dumped. 

It took seven years, but now the S&P 500 is the only major risk market still at all time highs...

"There is no alternative"
Global Deflation (blue line) aka. "poverty" has forced global yields down to all time lows. Central Banksters are trained chimps, along for the ride.

The average dunce just this week waking up to "Globalization is bad", still thinks Central Banks are "in control". They've never been in control. Multinationals were in control this whole time...

U.S. Payrolls
"Sorry, there's another quarter to make, and for some reason there's no revenue"

World ex-U.S.

Earnings yield

New Highs

Price / Volume

Price Momentum

Oil with Oil RSI

Cash balances


U.S. Banks


JPY Carry 


What do both of these companies (Amazon and Sears) have in common?  Neither one makes a profit...

Commodities with Global GDP