Thursday, June 9, 2016

Record Global Poverty As Buying Opportunity aka. Guzzling Kool-Aid

"Because 0% is not an option"
The reason to buy stocks is because TINA: "there's is no alternative"...collapsing profits, collapsing global growth, collapsing employment. Load up. In other words, today's entitlement class believes that record global poverty is a buying opportunity. Because what else could it be?

ZH: Shedlock/ISI Evercore
U.S Withholdings:

What a tool believes

"The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, pointing to sustained strength in the labor market despite a sharp slowdown in hiring last month."

Jobless claims are always the LOWEST at the end of the cycle:
Payrolls (red). Jobless claims (blue)

Supernova visualized aka. "Deflation"
This is the asinine chart of the day, the US 10 year yield as a ratio of the German 10 year:

"Fuck everyone else, I'm good thanks"

Got stop loss?

3x leveraged oil

JPY Carry Trade aka. "overnight risk"

Small caps

Momentum circle jerk aka. Dumb beta


Yen / Yuan

Gap 'n trap

Realized volatility is already rising