Sunday, March 20, 2016

Harvard Risk: Moral Bankruptcy Precedes Financial Bankruptcy

"It can't happen to me". Sure it is...

For those of us thinking ahead a few weeks or months, the biggest problem we face is that during all of the lying about Globalization that has been taking place in past years and decades, we never learned how to get "them" out of poverty. Which really means that we never learned how to get "us" out of poverty either. Quite the opposite, we became experts on figuring out how to make everyone poor and billunaires rich. The entire goal of this sad and disgusting era.  

And we can rest assured that the human garbage running this shit show will be of no use on the other side of "repricing" insolvency. The ones that survive. They're still lying right now, more than ever.  

The World Bank's global poverty line has "increased" from $1/day in 1990 to $1.90 now i.e. 2.5% per year aka. "inflation".

"But, but, but", as EconoDunces remind us constantly, $2 goes a lot further in their countries than it does in our countries. Therefore, by that static jackass logic, just as long as everyone else remains dirt poor, you can live like a fucking king and use them as your slaves.

In other words, we live with morally bankrupt FULL RETARDS, and we have been for years and decades. They are our self-nominated "elites", and they went to all the 'best' schools, to learn how to be sociopaths...