Sunday, March 20, 2016

In Central Banks We Trust

Central Banks spin poverty into 0% which gamblers take to the casino to get wiped's the 2008 Faustian Bargain...

The Idiocracy has been monkey hammered real good, with at least 9 collapsed bubbles so far, but of course they've learned nothing. The bullshit is still flowing like a river, because more than anything, they're addicted to bullshit. They don't trust anyone who can be trusted. The final lesson is coming up - the S&P 500 is the biggest bubble of all...

The stock market has lost sponsorship:
Central Banks
Imploding hedge funds
Carry trades
Momentum traders

Now this week, stock buybacks will be suspended for six weeks...

Meanwhile, 0% has sponsored at least nine collapsed bubbles to date: The gold bubble. The Bitcoin bubble. The railroad bubble.The Fracking bubble. The Biotech bubble. The IPO bubble. The Chinese stock bubble. The Apple bubble. The Internet bubble.

(Other parabolic bubbles ready to implode: Vancouver/Sydney real estate, arrogant billionaires, London/New York penthouses, art work, luxury cars, mega-yachts, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, OPEC, etc.)

Only one stock market bubble to go: 3x overvalued Defensive stocks

Skynet is herding Wall Street to obliteration which is well underway. Stunned dunces are just along for the ride...

"It was the great Railroad bubble of 2014, featuring 125 year-old railroads going parabolic. It all made perfect sense to the Idiocracy"

The last bubbles...