Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At The End, Exploiting Poverty Was "Business"

"The robber barons of the day had no other line of business aside from arbitraging labour differentials between the Third World and the former Middle Class. And then it all collapsed with extreme dislocation, but no one with their head up their own ass, saw it coming..."

I just noticed that the World Bank raised the global poverty line from $1.25/day to $1.90/day last September. Bill Gates must be jumping up and down at the obvious "success".

FAQ: #3:
"Why raise the poverty line? What was wrong with the $1.25 a day line that we are all used to?"

I think we all see where I'm going with this...

More FAQs...
"How will we achieve 'success' if we keep raising the poverty line every ten years?"
"Why not lower the poverty line and pretend everyone lives above it?"
"How will Microsoft increase its profits, if we solve poverty?"
"How will this affect inflation?"
"Who will we outsource our economy to?"

But seriously:

1990: $1/day
2008: $1.25/day
2015: $1.90/day

25 year growth rate: 2.5%
Inflation rate: 2.5% (Of course inflation is much higher in the Third World)

Stop me any time.

$32/day ($11,880/year)

At the current rate, the time it will take for rest of world to reach a U.S. poverty level, assuming inflation: FOREVER.

Assuming zero inflation: 114 years.


These fucking tools at the World Bank and the EconoDunces who believe them, are already bankrupt.

Morally, intellectually, and well-underway financially.