Monday, February 22, 2016

CasinoNomics By Harvard: Probability of Implosion: 100%

This just in: The White House projects 50% unemployment and the strongest economy in the world, powered by jobless consumers. Anyone who disagrees is peddling fiction. 

A society can only have so many dunces, and unfortunately we're six standard deviations past the limit. Obama is a corporate Manchurian Candidate - an empty shirt to read the teleprompter and give the appearance of hope and change, while the looting continued. Bush's charade imploded after seven years, and Obama's is following the exact same trajectory...

"Those who say the American economy is in decline are peddling fiction. Ok, they were right last time, but we fixed 2008 by borrowing more money. It's CasinoNomics by Harvard"

From the White House: It's the yuppy fantasy come true i.e. the jobless consumer who maximizes corporate profit margins even as revenue goes to zero. 

Half of Americans (i.e. those making $20 or less) will be unemployed by robots: 83% probability. 

"We have the strongest economy on the planet, only half our people are unemployed"

"Mr. President, what should we do about this?"
"Nothing. Let's wait until it implodes. I'm on the Bush plan."

This just in: 100% of robots don't shop at Amazon: