Monday, February 22, 2016

"We've Reached The Cruising Speed of Terminal Idiocracy"

Globalization is insolvent. 2008 was the wake up call that the consumption-oriented lifestyle is neither scalable nor sustainable across 7.5 billion people.

Therefore, in their infinite wisdom, generation Madoff spent the past seven years increasing supply and reducing demand. Central Bankers called child labour "a savings glut", so they monetized it at 0%. For a time Supply was considered "Demand" while they were throwing away trillions on their ghost cities and 30 year oil supplies. In final desperation, they pretended to make the factory slaves into consumers, but alas you can't be a factory slave and a "consumer" at the same time, because they'll just move the factory. Next thing you know you have to devalue your currency. It was all an Idiocratic feedback loop. They invested poverty capital into a larger output gap, and assured Terminal Idiocracy. The status quo consumed the status quo. That can happen.      

What comes next will be forever known as "The Tribulation". Because it will never be exceeded in terms of total body count. It's abundantly clear that most people were not meant to see it coming. The hairless monkeys are finally going to get what they need to survive. Humility. Time to stop playing God. And time to stop calling poverty exploitation "business".