Wednesday, February 17, 2016

October 8th, 2008: Last Chance to Sell This Duncefest

Stoned gamblers think that 100 point rallies in 3 days are "bullish". The last time we saw this level of volatility was at the beginning of a 50% decline aka. Third Wave post-Lehman:

60 day realized volatility w/Wilshire (S&P is hidden):

Two rallies and then the Third wave down. Now look at the chart above where we are now. Any questions?

The recession trade confirms:

Nasdaq lows confirms

Inverse volatility confirms:

Global Dow confirms

Canada confirms

Breadth confirms:

$USD confirms

Price/volume confirms

Wilshire/S&P ratio confirms:

Junk bonds confirm:

Russell / Dow ratio confirms:

Energy stocks/oil ratio confirms:

First quarter earnings guidance by sector confirms

Wall Street confirms:

"Double down right here, bitchez. We have to get short before this all collapses. Just like last time we shorted you dumbfucks..."