Wednesday, February 17, 2016

History's Biggest "Policy Error" Is Ending.

The Fed only cares about the casino. Dow up 200:

Choose (U.S.) History's Biggest Policy Error. More than one answer may apply...

1) A free bailout for Wall Street to continue gambling as usual

2) Using imported poverty to subsidize Corporate Shock Doctrine at 0% for 7 years

3) Borrowing our way out of a debt crisis, using 0% to fix 1%

4) Running a trade deficit for 35 years straight

5) Raising interest rates .25% after 7 years

If you didn't choose #5, then you're not a member of the Idiocracy and you'll never be the Dean of Harvard. Better luck next time...

"Dude, your .25% fucked up my Netflix. This is history's biggest policy error"

"Those who don't believe in CasinoConomy, are peddling fiction"

Shock Doctrine x .25% Visualized: