Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fake Wealth: A Jedi Mind Trick For Stunned Dunces

"At the end, they bid up each others' stocks, pretending to be wealthy. When the economy refused to float back from China, they just imagined one instead..."

This just in: the top 20 fake billunaires own as much as 152 million Americans:

Nasdaq 100 w/Fed Funds rate (red): 
Relative Strength (lower pane) peaked 13 months ago...

When the Fed Balance Sheet (red) peaked, relative strength peaked:

"It seemed odd that everyone was retiring at the same time, but it didn't affect me at the time, so I said fuck 'em"
Stocks versus Employment

The Fed decided that if they raised interest rates, the economy would magically re-appear...
One year Treasury yields (black) versus deflation (red)

Jobless consumers had successfully bypassed the economy...

Amazon and Walmart:
When Walmart was no longer cheap enough, jobless consumers went China-Direct...Etraders piled into the profitless stock with a 1000:1 P/E ratio...

Corporate Profits had been imploding for over a year...

Corporate revenues per share were back at 2007 levels
Data from:

ConnedSumer Sentimentality peaked a year ago...
"I knew something was missing, but I couldn't put my finger on it..."