Monday, November 9, 2015

Moonshots Of Overvalued Junk aka. Prefab Collapse

In order to design the fastest most brutal crash ever, one would do exactly what has transpired - tank the majority of the market and keep the indices pinned to all time highs with moon shots of overvalued junks stocks having either declining revenues or P/E ratios measured in hundreds...

What could go wrong?

The NYSE Composite is at a level first reached a year and a half ago. % of stocks above 200 dma has rallied back to pre-Lehman levels...
NYSE Composite w/%of stocks above 200 day moving average:

NYSE Composite with S&P

Energy stocks / oil price aka. "short-covering:
Historically overvalued, with no prior comparison (over 20 years):

"Because no blind man saw that coming"
Internet stocks versus all commodities: