Monday, November 9, 2015

Globalization: Low Prices Everyday. Guaranteed

"At the end, the Idiocracy couldn't afford to buy anything sold in a store, much less made in the U.S.A. Jobless consumers had successfully bypassed the U.S. economy"

The dumbfuck narrative of the day was that Walmart couldn't afford higher wages. Per the "what comes around goes around" axiom, it turns out that no corporation can afford higher wages...the entire retail sector is getting Punk'd ahead of major earnings reports this week. Fortunately, however, stores will be open on Thanksgiving because we know that an extra day to shop will make all the difference...

"Lord we give thanks for the freedom to pursue personal bankruptcy by buying foreign-made junk on national holidays. And every other day of the year..."

The Idiocracy loves low prices, so here are some right here...

Equal weight retail / capitalization weighted i.e. Retail ex-Amazon...