Monday, November 9, 2015

Globalization Has Debased Humanity. For Fun And Profit

The fabric of humanity has been sold for special dividends. We're left with stooge apologists for the status quo, rearranging deck chairs on their sinking Titanic. De facto junkies, high on their own hubris and false bravado. Popping boner pills by the dozens just to propagate their own self-delusion. Right before they get their latent sex change.

We don't have a lack of leadership. We have no leadership. We have serial debating circus clowns laying out their plans for the already failing status quo. Linear extrapolation of insolvency.

Failed empires, desperate to divert attention away from their own implosion, in a contest to see who can "fix the Middle East". Two bald men fighting for a comb, far too arrogant to see that they are fulfilling the enemy's desired plan. Even as "the prize" itself plummets to decade lows. An unfortunate casualty of multi-trillions in misallocated poverty capital. The over-investment in capacity, financed by the destruction of demand. A strategy reserved solely for the dumbest fucking society in history.   

Watch any channel and see glib mannekins aging at the rate of glazed donuts, fully unaware that they're as fake as the products their bullshit is intended to sell. A global circle jerk paid for by Central Banks spinning ever-growing poverty into fake wealth by arbitraging the entire future for "now", as gamblers trade shares of Facebook back and forth pretending to be wealthy.  

Boner pills and mass chemicals prop up a society poisoning itself with denatured food-like-product. All while worshipping the fake idol of jobless "consumer choice". The by-product of which is Xbox-trained psychopaths armed with military assault weapons that most armies can't afford. 

All of "this" will get rolled back to what is real. I'm not sure what century we'll be in when we get there. ISIS has chosen 800 AD. Hopefully we can hold onto something a bit more forward than that.