Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fake Wealth: Last Temptation Of The Idiocracy

Imagine, if instead of the wealth of the economy being reflected in the stock market, fake wealth from the stock market reflected in the economy?

That is the stunt Central Banksters have been pulling for six years straight. Unfortunately, people took them all too seriously. In the process they bought McMansions and cars and unaffordable lifestyles. Basically a long rope that they wrapped around their neck.

They apparently didn't realize that the Fed's euthanasia was THE WAKE UP CALL that their lifestyle was going, not coming.  

Consumption Sentimentality and the fake economy:

Now it's all ending far too suddenly and the "best" idea on the table is to take the same idea to level "11", by buying stock futures directly. Which would have a shelf-life measured in hours as fake assets get fake levitated and then dropped from a much higher altitude, what I call "Shanghai'd". Fucking genius.

Shanghai'd Visualized...

This is what happens when Central Planners con the sheeple into buying stocks that have zero value...They go straight up and straight down...


Imagine if a few S&P 500 futures  and a MACD Crossover could control the entire world? It could make Indonesia magically solvent, despite having borrowed $300 billion overseas while now facing a collapsing currency. It could stop the accelerating Yen carry trade unwind in its tracks. MACD could boost China GDP another 3%, so that their collapsing Municipal bond market would be solvent. It could boost oil by $30 to where companies and entire countries actually make money versus going out of business at an ever-faster rate.

The casino con game has already been played for six years straight, the Chinese were just playing catch-up:

We are WAY past the point where the majority of gamblers can get out of this intact. For the overwhelming majority it's far too late to sell. So instead they will just listen to con men tell them bedtime stories how this will all turn out alright, to the very end when they finally realize they drank the Kool-Aid. Again.

"Don't listen to him, bitchez, the Fed will buy your Netflix"