Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Can End: The Greatest Tools Have All Been Found

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Generation Head-Up-Its-Own-Ass wants more Fed dopium so they can dump this shit show onto the next generation. Now they want Netflix and 'MACD Crossover' added to the list of leading economic indicators. Surely the Fed shouldn't print money for everyone, that would be totally asinine. As always, casino speculators would be the sole beneficiaries...

Six years into the money-printing-to-buy-stocks delusion, the casino now bears zero correlation whatsoever to the long-term sustainable ex-debt economy. But the charade can't be allowed to stop there, because dopium-addicted gamblers, aka. generation bailout, are now calling upon the Fed to buy stocks directly to prop up their fake wealth and propagate their delusion of being wealthy while everything falls apart in real time.

ZH: Sept. 8, 2015
The Fed Has No Choice But To Buy My Stocks Now

According to the Greatest Tool theory, a totally bogus and inflated market can only go up as long as the next greater tool can be found. As we saw two weeks ago, when the last tool was found, the market collapsed instantaneously. So what to do when you run out of tools? Look for the biggest tools around - the U.S. Fed, to buy your Netflix.

All you need is for "MACD crossover" to occur and then all of the world's problems will be solved, when the Fed buys a few S&P futures. Leave alone that this is never going to actually happen, in the United States of Lawsuits. And leave alone that it was a colossal failure in China just a few weeks ago. The Idiocracy has the attention span of a coked up flea.

Just the mere thought of it keeps the gamblers in the game and otherwise ready to lose everything at the hands of serial psychopaths and Dungeon's & Dragon's speculators - making up denialistic fantasy stories based upon total fucking bullshit. Generation liquidation can't stand the thought that all of "this" is going away and history will brand them for being the dumbfucks who let it happen. 

It's sad really. Coloring books and Infantasy is all they have left.

Janet Yellen is adding "MACD crossover" to her list of leading economic indicators. I've heard everything now.

"The only solution to this problem is to make it worse. After 35 years of the same failed policies, we have no choice..."