Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Too Late: Artificial Intelligence Is Rampant

The latest boy-man fantasy is that machines and robots will replace human beings in the workplace.

There won't be anyone with income to buy the cheap shit they make, but that's a minor detail in Never Never Land. The ceteris paribus "jobless consumer" will leap out of the textbook and run to Walmart. Holy fuck. What a bunch of self-bankrupting tools we live among. Dumpster diving into the abyss. 

It never once occurred to these children that corporations need people far more than people need corporations. The dystopian fantasy that Amazon.com will drop cheap shit made in China to yuppy doorsteps by drone, while the indolent masses scour the landfills for left-overs Mad Max style, is an asinine fantasy of the first order.

Way back in 2008, to that long forgotten era that has been purged from coloring book memory, that circled blip on the red line was the Global Financial Crisis. GDP dropped a mere -3%. Profits dropped -50% (blue line). Indicating 17:1 leverage. During the Great Depression, GDP dropped -25% over three years...

Corporations don't need people? As usual the truth is the exact opposite of what the Idiocracy believes - people don't need corporations.

And sans bailout, 17:1 leverage is a problem that takes care of itself. Like the Idiocracy itself - it's self-disposing.