Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"It Was A Bad Time For Wall Street's Biggest Pump And Dump"

As long as no one sells, this will all work out fine.

The Fed meets next week to decide whether or not to either raise interest rates by .25%, or start buying S&P Futures. Going forward, the Fed balance sheet will be broken out by T-bonds, T-bills, Agency Securities, and Netflix stock. 

And while that's not happening, the latest generation of Etraders is being born now, so it will only be about 25 years until they are ready to be fleeced.

Speaking of being fleeced, one year ago, everyone was talking about history's largest Alibabylon IPO. It was so fucking massive that it tanked the entire stock market by -10% (see below circled). But if bulls think that was fun, they can look forward to history's largest lockup expiration in exactly 8 trading days featuring a share unlock 4x the size of the IPO:

The amount of new shares to be sold into the market is $96 billion i.e. an amount greater than the combined proceeds from all IPOs during 2014:

USA Today: March 17, 2015

Year-to-date as we see above, IPO proceeds are running at ~50% of what they were last year. 

Rydex risk allocation aka. "Change of plans"

No need to panic and get out ahead of Wall Street