Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"How Can I Monetize The Collapse of Asia?"

The Fed meets tomorrow and Thursday (not Tues/Wed, as previously indicated) and the no volume short-covering rally continues.

Rate hike odds priced into the bond market are now at the highest level since the August Flash Crash. Which by sheer coincidence originated in Asia...

The Yen (/dollar) was lower overnight as the BOJ did not provide more stimulus, as dopium-seekers expected. Meanwhile, on CNBS, David Faber was just asking hedge fund manager Kyle Bass how he would profit from the impending meltdown of Indonesia, Malaysia and the other "weaker" Asian nations which can no longer service their foreign debt burdens, and will need to devalue further.

But of course, per the fantasy narrative, the U.S. is decoupled from Emerging Markets which comprise 42% of Global GDP, so at most it might lower U.S. GDP by 1%...

Decoupling Visualized:

You can't make this shit up.