Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Don't Be A Loser: Embrace Self-Liquidation"

Corporations liquidate the future, while gamblers trade shares in the dissolving status quo back and forth pretending to be wealthy...

This just in:
ZH: Sept. 15, 2015
HP Feeds Another 30,000 Jobs Into The Stock Buyback Hopper

Because the 58,000 jobs cut earlier this year, didn't satisfy Wall Street. The travails of being a massively overpaid CEO - cutting jobs to fund stock buybacks. 

Back to gambling...if a dumbfuck idea works once, then hairless monkeys will do it over and over again until it implodes. Then they call it a "Black Swan" event, so they don't look totally stupid. 
That in an nutshell is a synopsis of Nassim Taleb's "Fooled by Randomness". It's extremely insightful. Without a PhD to explain scientifically how fucking stupid and greedy people are, how would we ever believe it, other than seeing it happen three times in 15 years?

For six years straight, cautious levels of risk morphed to irresponsible levels of risk, to ludicrous, and now on to totally asinine. Back in March 2009 you couldn't find someone to buy stocks, now you can't find an average investor willing to sell them. 

This just in...
ZH: Sept. 15, 2015
The Most Beloved Stock Market Rally In History

As the level of greed grows, so too must the lies used to rationalize ever-greater risk. Today's asinine lies belie the fantasy narratives that accompany today's risk-seeking.

Back in 2010, the CEO of Under Armour coined the term for this entire asinine era: "No loser talk": Meaning ignore all things macro, and instead buy cheap shit made in Malaysia, slap on a cool logo, and sell it in the U.S., for 10x profit. Ignore that the stock dropped 20% in 5 minutes due to factory slaves no longer being solvent...

"Remember: you have no control over where you source your products. So don't be a loser by worrying about the "'Conomy" aka. source of all temporary profit"