Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Centrally Planned Clusterfuck

If only the capitalists themselves actually believed in capitalism, this probably would have all worked. However, Ponzi borrowing aka. intra-generational theft, industrial arbitrage aka. going out of business sale, printing money to buy stocks aka. Jedi Mind Trick for stunned dunces, serial bailouts aka. moral hazard, and 35 years of trade deficits aka. non-amortizing debt accumulation, does not comprise anything resembling "sustainable".

An economy can't be centered around a fucking casino: An indefinite growth machine that demands the commodification of every factor of production, including the zombies locked in their death spiral rat race to oblivion while the whole world falls apart around them. The entire planet ending up in the landfill. 

How pathetic are these Commie Capitalists who daily intervene in markets to try to prop up fake billionaires. Mere months ago, the Chinese government was encouraging and incentivizing leveraged speculation, and then when it imploded overnight, they've been subsequently stepping in to markets non-stop to try to halt the collapse. It never occurs to these serial buffoons that they can't fix the problem, THEY ARE the fucking problem. Granted they learned from the Commie Capitalists in the developed world who've been pushing Monetary and Fiscal Policy to ever more asinine extremes, in a bid to keep this dead-end pseudo-economy from collapsing dead on arrival. 

The desperation is palpable. After all, the stooges at the top will be the first at the guillotine when this charade implodes with extreme dislocation - a process well underway already.

Globalization separates supply from demand. It could never work. There's no such thing as a jobless "consumer", which is unfortunately fundamental to modern Ponzinomics...