Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Being An Oblivious Fucktard Is Not A "Black Swan Event"

There were no calls to "buy" Lehman. But like reality, Emerging Markets are a land far far away from the Idiocracy...

The Fates could not have conjured up a more fitting and ironic ending to this multi-year charade aka. The Bonfire of the Sanities.

The Black Swan event of a financial meteor striking from some remote far off "never heard of before" place e.g. Malaysia, has not even occurred yet. TBD.

And yet, the slow motion melt-down continues day in and day out, under the asinine auspice of another "buying" opportunity.

True Black Swan events allow for "plausible deniability". 

Systematically lowering one's own clients into an abyss and then shovelling dirt on them, does not allow for any historical plausible deniability.

This is reaching the height of asinine...
The "event" is called "SELL":

OECD Carry Trades with 1 Year interest rates: