Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Elliot Wave vs Skynet: Sell Or Be Sold

The real world aka. Emerging Markets just hammered Social Mood and...Social Mood (Panic) is overwhelming Skynet (HFT)...

Skynet is getting buried by institutions desperate to get out before it's too late. Tuesday's Lehman-size downside reversal was on 300% of 90-day average volume.

Home gamers who bought the CNBS pep rally were buried -4.5% in 8 hours. 

Skynet's new Maginot Line is 1860, which has been tested four times in 24 hours...

Overnight futures are levitating again on news of yet more Commie Capitalist fiddle fucking out of China. The waves are 5 down three up on EVERY timeframe.

Europe's turn to return the favour and sell the U.S. - Sell or be sold...
[5 am EDT]:

Next up: Black swan diving into pavement
Value Line Geometric Index (red) with 'Conomy i.e. 1 year Treasury yields