Saturday, July 4, 2015

Occupy Blind Arrogance

You can't stop people who really want to blow themselves up. I've tried. Reality skeptics know everything, especially the impossible.

The ones who don't see this coming were not meant to survive. Natural selection just rounding up the unfit for disposal. The Idiocracy has ZERO survival instinct. A fatal attraction to hardcore psychopaths. Moths to a flame.

Denialist Referendum: Pass or Blow yourself up

Q: "Do you think we can borrow our way out of a debt crisis?"

Answer "Yes", to choose highly determined self-obliteration

Answer "No", to be smarter than every clever PhD dunce at Harvard, especially the President of the University. Granted, that's not saying much, since I wouldn't wipe my ass with Larry Summers' degrees if they were printed in 4-ply...

I call this the "PonziCon in broad daylight":
Just enough "black swan" massive unprecedented divergence to cause an "unforeseen" collapse with extreme dislocation. Wall Street is not paid to raise awareness to systemic risk, they are overpaid to create it, monetize it, rationalize it, and then hand it off to the usual bagholders, while demanding a bailout...

"No blind men saw that coming!!! I was assuming Wall Street would warn us when they were going to blow up again..."

Dow with 52 week price range of average stock (Correlation, lower pane). The bounces keep getting smaller and smaller, making correlation ever-weaker...

NYSE New Highs

Time is running out on the "0% is fixing the economy" dumbfuck party...

Outsourcing imports deflation, causing interest rates to fall, subsidizing the automation of still more jobs...
"The Fed’s policies are doing two things that I am very gravely concerned about. Number one is we have all learned over the years that if you reduce the cost of capital you increase your use of fixed assets and you take out jobs. Corporate America seeing an ever increasing cost for its employee base and extraordinary low interest rates is taking every step they can possibly take to reduce employment, to build factories abroad and domestically to substitute technology and automated processes for people. So one of the very sad negative characteristics of the Fed’s policies is it’s leading to job destruction.”

Carry Trades versus six year Fed Jobs automation program at 0% (1 Year Treasuries):

"How to trade the 'Goldilocks' jobs report"
The generation that laid itself off for a "profit", while wondering the whole time why there are no jobs...
Labor Participation Rate aka. Jobs per capita

Well at least Goldman Sachs got out ahead of everyone else...
NYSE Up volume / Total Volume

We can thank the expert reality skeptics for throwing themselves under the bus - Solving two problems at the same time - lowering the carbon footprint and raising the average IQ, via their own infantile denialism.

"At the end, they gave of themselves generously. At the hands of their beloved psychopaths".  

Occupy determined self-obliteration. Some problems just fix themselves. 

"Got revenueless IPOs?"