Saturday, July 4, 2015

Debt Repudiation: The Nuclear Option. Has Arrived.

"If you owe the bank $1,000, and can't pay it back, then you have a problem. If you owe the bank $350 billion and can't pay it back, then European banks have a problem"

"Which stocks should I buy in a collapse?"
Too many free bailouts of the casino class, leads to hazardous immorality...

Kings and monarchs of old knew enough to never go ALL IN against the citizens of their own nation states.

Never leave someone with nothing left to lose.

Today's ultra-corrupt pseudo-elite Central Bank fabricated billunaires, never learned that lesson. Quite the contrary, most of their fake Ponzi wealth was generated by arbitraging Third World poverty against the developed world Middle Class. A one-time strategy that works great until it collapses with extreme dislocation. 

From Greece to Puerto Rico, this week was a sea change in mentality coming after six years of playing charades with ever-expanding Ponzi debts. The asinine idea that ultra-wealthy lenders will get bailed out while borrowers struggle under ever-larger debt loads. The central facet of all "bailouts" is that they take from the many to give to the ultra-wealthy few. It's reverse socialism, all under the FULL RETARD phony banner of "Keynesian" economics: The bedtime story corrupt boy-men tell themselves, to keep their shit show going. It's rewarding wealthy gamblers for making repeated greed-motivated mistakes while they impoverish the majority.

Right now, I just read that China is cobbling together a bailout of its casino-class for all of the "Imagined Realities" that fell apart in the span of a mere two weeks. Because "No one saw that coming". 

"We are now investing (your money) in Imagined Realities. But if, for some random, uncorrelated, and totally unforeseeable reason, it doesn't work out, then we'll just seek a bail-out... "

It never once dawns on these corrupt idiots at the top, that the people at the bottom have nothing left to lose.