Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Communist Casino Goes FULL RETARD

The Shanghai Composite gapped up 7% and then gave half of it back in the first hour, on the latest government interventions in the stock market.

ZH: July 5, 2015
China Crosses Rubicon With Stock Bailout. Risks Losing Credibility 
"The central bank is effectively monetizing risk assets — the fact that the buyers are one degree removed from the PBoC is largely just a matter of optics. Also, we're not at all sure that the central bank will not move very quickly to make its support "open-ended" — as discussed here on any number of occasions, Beijing simply cannot afford a stock market crash and thus will not go down without a fight."

Credibility? What the fuck is that? You can't mention Central banksters and credibility in the same breath without sounding like a total jackass.

By tomorrow it will be illegal not to own stocks, which will have no meaning whatsoever, since everyone will have the exact same position in worthless assets. At which point selling in front of everyone else would be the ONLY logical choice. 

Too late:

"We suggest investors sell into the rally, after a few days"
[To give us a chance to get out first]

Communists have now converted their economy into a fucking casino. All because they learned from Bernankenstein, "student of the Depression", that if you want to get rich, you just print money to buy stocks. Harvard's secret to effortless wealth. Why didn't anyone think of that sooner? They were not PhD caliber. People apparently don't quite understand that Bernanke was specifically chosen for a reason: because there is always one tool around dumb enough to do what the Madoff class want. And he's their sock puppet. He has all the graphs and charts right next to his Dungeons & Dragons set. 

Holy fuck. 

We're about to be buried by the dumbest fucking idiots who ever walked the planet. I can't take it anymore.