Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Unexamined Opportunity Cost of Self-Obliteration

Why the stock market comes at the expense of the economy: 
Because human history's most profligate generation now can't retire without a big win at the casino:

MW: June 7, 2015:
Sage Advice From Dumbfucks About 401k Loans 
"Borrowing from a 401k plan exacts a big opportunity cost. Borrowers miss out on any compound growth that their investments would otherwise have earned in the market."

In other words, the stock market is a personal ATM machine, so if a short-term loan is not otherwise being paid back to oneself at 7% guaranteed interest, it would instead be invested in Netflix and doubling every 5 months. Why put a small amount of money at risk with a loan to yourself, when you can put it all at risk by handing it to Wall Street for investment in revenueless IPOs? Just plain silly.

The cult of the stock market, which should have ended in 2008, will end as badly as possible, per the overall theme of post-2008:

Maximum self-obliteration. Minimum excuse.

"The unexamined life is not worth living"[Socrates]

Much less, sustainable.