Sunday, June 7, 2015

You Can't Warn Dumbfucks

They know everything. Including the impossible

After 2008, global thought dealers "socialized" all of the accumulated billunaire losses into $trillions of global sovereign Ponzi debt. Which is now imploding:

Q: What happens when the mannekins who won the high school popularity contest are selected to run the world?

A: We are held captive by self-imploding dumbfucks who are too stupid to realize how stupid they are.

"What is the right price for an insolvent Ponzi bond? I need to fine tune my VAR Risk"
ZH: June 7, 2015
Spanish Ponzi bond holders just lost 5 years of yield (10%) in two months:

Now we all face the dreaded "VAR risk". 
Which in the real world just means that someone massively overpaid for a wholly insolvent asset and has run out of tools to sell it to. Only Wall Street would invent some pseudo-scientific bullshit term to cover up the fact that they are nothing more than Nassim Taleb's latest generation of self-imploding dumbfucks. And we are their hostages.

Because we all know that there is the right amount of 0% non-amortizing Ponzi bonds to buy, and the wrong amount, and if the amount is not exactly right, you get VAR Risk. Which could jeopardize the entire operation. 

VAR Shock Visualized (German 10 year):
Q: What happens when a greed feedback loop hits the brick wall of 0% yield and there are no more brainless tools left to be conned.

ZH: June 6, 2015
A: $625 billion in global bond losses in two months