Saturday, June 6, 2015

Stalled @ 0%: The First Non-Recovery In U.S. History

Post-2008, the monkey-hammered zombies "fixed" the economy by handing it over to Goldman Sachs & Co. for final monetization.

The end result being a casino ex-economy, now held up by revenueless IPO junk and Netflix. Undeterred, history's largest assortment of Econo-dunces eagerly await "lift-off". They will not be disappointed.

May 1, 2015: Barron's 
May 22, 2105: Barron's
June 4, 2015: Barron's

This "economic cycle" is ending...

Procter & Gamble: Consumer NON-Cyclical...

Brewers: Historically the latest cycle sector (i.e. recession resistant)

Railroads: Historically a late cycle sector

Utilities: Late cycle

Energy: Historically, a late cycle sector


Netflix: Doubled Since January
Forward P/E: 180

The IPO Mutual Fund