Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The One Party System: By And For Billunaires

Everyone gets a vote, it just doesn't mean anything... Who is more more cynical - those who still believe in a system where nothing ever changes. Or those who realize it's a useless charade?

"At the end, the stoned corporate Idiocracy munched placidly as their economy was dismantled in broad daylight..."

Fast Track has been fast tracked, by the one party system:

The Republican Manchurian Candidate Foodstamp-dispenser-in-chief, has now fulfilled Bush's fourth term, and can now retire to the lecture circuit for $200k per speech, on his way to amassing a Clinton-like fortune of $55 million. All while extolling let-them-eat-cake limousine liberal bullshit lapped up by Bill Maher & Company. After the carnage of 2008, The Koch Brothers realized that only a Democrat could get away with finishing the job aka. the "left wing of the Republican Party" - so they substituted their closing pitcher.    

"And the Fauxtards were shocked and outraged that their 'Commie' President monetized them in broad fucking daylight while they were busy watching Nascar..."

Obamanomics: Foodstamps for jobs

"Look away, look away, look away Dixieland"
Corporate profits baselined to GDP

"Something that doesn't know what's in its own self-interest, has the shelf-life of a rotten banana" 
- Charles Darwin

The Disposable Idiocracy is End of Life